JK Group at FESPA 2018 with Kiian Digital and J-Teck

JK Group at FESPA 2018 with Kiian Digital and J-Teck
JK Group at FESPA 2018 with Kiian Digital and J-Teck

JK Group doubles its efforts at FESPA Berlin. 2 Series of sublimation inks make their debut. 2 series to be ECO PASSPORT certified by OEKO-TEX®.

JK Group will be present at the next Fespa (Berlin 15-18 May – Hall 2.2 Stand C13) with many news for its premium brands Kiian Digital and J-Teck, and it will be one of the major players at the SportsFactory stand, where attendees will be able to see the live production process of sports jersey: from the design stage up to wearing the finished product!

The J-Teck brand displays J-Nexter

The new J-Teck series – in preview at Fespa Asia – developed in the group’s R&D Labs to offer outstanding performance with latest generation of Epson printheads in combination with a select range of printers.

Marketing Specialist for JK Group, Marco Girola, noted; “J-Nexter stands out for: its total compatibility with printheads in any operational condition; perfect and fast drying on any type of paper and for its colour intensity for which; it is ranked among the best inks on the market in its segment”. He went on to conclude by saying: “The non-stop research and the tests carried out in our R&D departments enable us to develop bespoke inks for the printing systems we equip”.

The Kiian Digital brand displays Digistar T-Sonic

Sublimation ink for transfer printing designed for Panasonic printheads. Digistar T-Sonic was tested for along time to increase its level of reliability and printability to reach the highest productivity as possible. Marco Girola, JK Group Marketing Specialist; underlines “We are excited about the performance of T-Sonic; which highlights the prerogatives of printing systems by exploiting them to the full; while at the same time providing extremely high-quality results in an incredibly wide range”. He concluded by saying; that “the tests that were carried out by customers have almost surprised us; because of the exceptional integration of the ink with the printing system”.

With JK Group ‘s the Kiian Digital brand, there are now 2 series of inks; that are ECO PASSPORT certified by OEKO-T EX®, adding the Digistar K-One series to Digistar Hi-Pro

There is only one way to print while respecting the requirements of a sustainable production chain; choosing tested and checked inks such as the Digistar Hi-Pro or the Digistar K-One series; which are both ECO PASSPORT certified by OEKO-TEX®.

JK Group has always believed in the need for a sustainable approach. For this reason, in order for the Kiian Digital brand to stand out from the rest, it has chosen to develop a structured programme based on criteria of cohesion and conformity with certification programmes and the most authoritativestandards of the markets where it operates, investing in the best available techniques in the search for new solutions and new approaches.