Erhan Reklam Has Crowned Its Investments with Nyala 2

    Erhan Reklam Nyala 2 yatırımı sürecinde Pigment Reklam ile işbirliği yaptı.
    Erhan Reklam Nyala 2 yatırımı sürecinde Pigment Reklam ile işbirliği yaptı.

    Transforming into a powerful company with a modern facility from 30 square meters small factory, Erhan Reklam continues growing with investments. The firm achieved one of the last steps of these investments with Nyala 2.

    Making its mark in advertising sector especially with corporate identity projects and address information systems, Erhan Reklam actualized Nyala 2 investment; the flagship of swissQprint. After the purchasing process performed by swissQprint’s Turkish agent Pigment Reklam,  the machine was brought to the company’s facility in Eyup-İstanbul fast and installed. Planning to use Nyala 2 for industrial-purpose UV printing solutions, Erhan Reklam continues its growth without pausing thanks to its investments.

    Reminding that the company was formed as a family company in 1987; Atahan Aydemir who is one of the firm’s second generation managers, summarized the company’s development process as a transition of a 30 square meters small factory in Beyoğlu Tunnel to a modern facility. Stating that the work of the factory in the Tunnel had been continued until 2005, Aydemir pointed out the fact that they made various investments in order to meet the increasing demand and enhance the production capacity. Aydemir continued as such; “In 2005 we moved to a bigger facility from this factory. However, the new factory began to be inadequate for us, as well. And lastly, in 2011 purchasing the available factory building in Eyup, we moved to our new facility. We are a company that keeps growing steadyingly and determinedly. ”

    Atahan Aydemir expressed that the company performs the production of address information signs as well as indoor and outdoor printing, wayfinding and directional sign manufacturing. Pointing out that they made their first UV printing investment in 2009, Aydemir explained the serious difficulties they experienced with this machine. Stating; “If you are making production, it is very important that your machinery is working seamlessly”, Aydemir said that this factor had been very effective on their decision to acquire Nyala 2. Aydemir also expressed these; “We have been observing swissQprint and Nyala 2 for a long time. Firstly, the fact that it is a Swiss origin brand attracted us. We examined the machine closely at the fairs we attented, we had face to face meetings with the firm. We expressed our expectations from the machine and when the works that had been done in that direction turned out to be positive; the machine’s durableness, its ability to work stably, producing without any problems met all our demands and we decided  to invest on the machine. ”

    pigment_reklam_erhan_reklam2_TextilegencePigment Reklam Had Been Our Partner Throughout the Investment Process

    Underlining that they chose to work with swissQprint’s Turkish agent; Pigment Reklam instead of the firm itself, Atahan Aydemir explained the reason of it as such; “ We have known Pigment Reklam and its owners Mr. Serkan and Mehmet for a long time. When we made our first UV investment in 2009, we couldn’t receive any technical support from the company. Even though it wasn’t their own brand, the Pigment Reklam authorities helped us on this matter and installed the machine successfully. Our friendship and collaboration began at that time; continued and improved.We kept using their technical experience and know-how. That’s why working with Pigment Reklam was a better choice for us. ”

    Stating that they had been considering a new UV investment for a long time but they waited for a sufficient work and client potential, Aydemir said that they got in touch with Pigment Reklam on May 2016 for Nyala 2 and the process was completed very fast. Aydemir; “We thank Pigment Reklam for directing a machine which was actually prepared upon another firm’s order to us. This way, we didn’t have to wait for the machine’s production process. ”

    pigment_reklam_erhan_reklam1_TextilegenceNyala 2 Is Chosen For Its Smooth Performance and High Quality

    Saying that they chose Nyala 2 because of its smooth process and high quality printing, Atahan Aydemir stated that thusly, they reached to their target client portfolio very easily. Pointing that digital printing technologies became preferable in all sectors, Aydemir stated as such; “ It is a must to make right investments and install the right machinery. We think that we made the right decision with Nyala 2 in order to raise the customer satisfaction to the highest level. ”

    Indicating that Nyala 2 responds to all printing needs with its full equipment and user firendly feature, Aydemir emphasized that the machine became a very economical machinery with the added value it created; beyond its ticket price. Expressing that they would continue their investment process next term, Aydemir said; “We are planning to renovate all the machines we bought in 2009. We will add  machines that can serve both on professional and industrial segments. We will continue our works and investments in order to turn crisis terms into opportunities. In this process, we are also planning to purchase cutting machines as well as printing machines. We intend to work with Pigment Reklam for these investments, as well. ”

    Stating that they reached to their annual and five-year plan goals that they set beginning from 2015 successfully, Atahan Aydemir added they aimed to step up on the previous year’s financial turnover in 2016.