Yeşim Group takes sustainability one step further with biodegradable products 


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Yeşim Group’s biodegradable products that can biodegrade in nature can draw a different path to sustainability. The special project, carried out in collaboration with Yeşim R&D Center and Design Directorate, develops biodegradable t-shirts and sweatshirts with a sustainable approach. It is stated that the sole purpose of the “Biodegradable Product Project” is to develop biodegradable products without the need for recycling.  

According to the company’s statement, the studies carried out to make all production processes of the product 100 percent biodegradable have been successfully concluded. After the special yarn required for the project was supplied by a Korean company, the production process of biodegradable fabrics started at Yeşim Group’s R&D Center. 

Yeşim Group takes sustainability one step further with biodegradable products 

Yeşim Group uses fully biodegradable product processes  

Commenting on the project, CEO of Yeşim Group Şenol Şankaya, stated that this success was achieved as a result of the collaborative work of the R&D Center and the Design Directorate, and he also thanked all Yeşim components involved in the project. He added that they are a strategic production partner of biodegradable products. In this context, he noted that biodegradability is on the agenda of numerous world brands and is among the future sustainability strategies.  

Yeşim Group’s project is emphasized as being of great importance for the sector in terms of moving sustainability forward. Expressing that they are extremely happy for the success of the project, Şankaya continued his words as follows: “Cotton yarns used in production are already 100 percent biodegradable, but due to the chemical processes applied and synthetic materials such as polyester and elastane used, cotton products become non-biodegradable and waste is generated. Thanks to this project, completely biodegradable processes were used at every stage of the products produced, such as knitting, sewing, embroidery, dyeing and printing. The procurement of biodegradable embroidery thread and the use of algae as a natural process in the dyeing and printing phase brought success to the project. At this point, we have produced t-shirts and sweatshirts.” 

“All processes in the product we obtain are 100 percent natural” 

Producing biodegradable products can make a significant contribution to the garment and apparel industry, value-added production and sustainability principles. Speaking about the importance of Yeşim Group as developing a biodegradable product, Şenol Şankaya added: “We can say with peace of mind that all the processes in the product we have obtained are 100 percent natural and that the products have no chemical effect on nature. Thus, Yeşim has taken another valuable step in line with its ‘Green factory’ and ‘Sustainable nature-friendly production’ approach that it has been carrying out for many years and added another important link to its value-added production chain. We will continue to be among the pioneers of our sector by continuing these and similar successful innovative studies.” 

Engin Buz
Engin Buz
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