Germany is not just an export market, it’s also a business partner

Relations between Turkey and Germany goes far beyond the classic trade relations between two countries. Both the weight of the Turkish-origin population in Germany and the close historical and cultural relations between the two countries is drawing a new perspective for trade between the two countries. Largest economy in the European Union (EU) and the country in leading position, Germany is the main export market for Turkey, especially in the textile and ready-to-wear. A report prepared by İTKİB reveals the point and the potential of the textile and ready-to-wear trade between the two countries. In the light of all data, it is clearly seen that Germany is not just...

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Optimum Digital Planet Solution in Artificial Leather Printing

With a quarter-century of experience in the digital printing industry, Optimum Digital Planet has added an artificial leather printing solution to its already innovative product portfolio. Optimum Digital Planet...


Hakan Uzman

SPGPrints Turkey General Manager

How to choose most suitable textile printer?

Carlo Rogora


Lean manufacturing

My Wires – The smart way to manage card clothings

At Truetzschler, digital transformation is not only a buzzword. From intelligent machinery to digital mill monitoring and service offers, Truetzschler has developed a range of solutions that make processes easier and more efficient. One case in point is the new app My Wires, which facilitates to manage all tasks related to clothing management digitally. Within the first weeks after the introduction at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, more than 400 users from 22 countries started to use the application actively. Stop counting days and digitize in minutes When it comes to track the wearing of their carding wires, many mills still rely on pen and paper. Employees manually note down every day...

Trade fairs

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