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Akmert İplik San. ve Tic. A.Ş., is currently installing a Starlinger bottle-to-bottle recycling line for its new ‘GSR GRANULES’ brand at the company’s rPET manufacturing facility in Kocaeli’s Gebze district. With a monthly capacity of 1,200 tons of rPET flakes, marketed under the brand name ‘SENA PET’, Akmert İplik is one of the biggest suppliers of rPET flakes in Turkey. With the new Starlinger recycling line, the company is expanding its product portfolio by supplying rPET pellets in addition to PET flakes. The commissioning of the line is scheduled for mid of February 2023.

The owner of Akmert İplik, Kasım Aksoy explained that they consider recycling the business of the future, that’s why they have directed their investments towards rPET, saying: “We opted for Starlinger technology because we believe in quality from the start. There is no other technology we would rather use than Starlinger as we aim to belong among the top players in the industry.”

recoSTAR PET with Starlinger iV+ technology features numerous advantages. While FIFO principle for flakes and pellets ensures defined residence times, modular design ensures flexibility and adaptability to different input material and the changing requirements of rPET users. In addition, careful treatment of flakes, avoiding dust, high IV loss and degradation.

Akmert İplik closes the loop for PET bottles

The monthly production output of Akmert İplik will increase to 2,600 tons for both plants

The recoSTAR PET 165 HC iV+ has an output of up to 1,800 kg of bottle-grade rPET pellets per hour and will recycle PET bottles from post-consumer collection. The produced rPET resin, which is 100% food-contact approved, will be sold under the brand name ‘GSR GRANULES’ and be used for PET bottle production, creating a closed loop for PET bottles.

Akmert İplik was founded in the 1990s in Gaziantep and produced, traded and exported yarns made of cotton, wool and artificial fibres before it opened a recycling facility for post-consumer PET bottles in Istanbul’s Silivri district in 2014. The company’s recycling plant comprises an area of 7,200 sqm and has a production capacity of 1,200 tonnes of rPET flakes per month which are sold under the brand name ‘SENA PET’. With the Starlinger recycling line for the company’s brand ‘GSR GRANULES’ at the new Gebze facility, the monthly production output will increase to 2,600 tons for both plants.

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