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Lenzing, one of the leading brands in the production of environmentally friendly fibres for the textile and nonwoven industries, will support young people designing innovative solutions in the fibre and textile industry with the Young Scientist Award in 2023. The competition will evaluate scientific studies on fashion and circularity, recycling in textiles and the innovative use of cellulosic fibre. Each winning project will be awarded 5 thousand euros. Students including undergraduate and graduate students also from Türkiye will be able to apply to the competition with their graduation projects, articles, etc. in English until July 16, 2023.

Lenzing aims to create a platform across the textile and fibre industry with this competition

It is aimed to create a platform across the textile and fibre industry by encouraging the work of students with the Young Scientist Award. The jury committee for the Young Scientist Award, which will be given to more than one project from different categories, consists of Karla Magruder, Founder of Acceleration Circularity, Friedericke von Wedel-Parlow from the Berlin Beneficial Design Institute and Dieter Eichinger, Secretary General of BISFA, Head of Standardisation and Innovation. The winning projects will each receive a cash prize of 5000 euros at the 62nd Dornbirn Global Fibre Congress (GFC) to be held by the Austrian Fibre Institute on September 13-15, 2023. The institute focuses on topics such as innovations in fibre, sustainability and circularity, which are the main agenda of the GFC event.

Lenzing to award young people offering innovative solutions to sector

Young Scientist Award supports students to turn their ideas into reality

Commenting on the competition, Lenzing Group Board Member and President of the Austrian Fibre Institute Robert van de Kerkhof said that Lenzing, which has been innovating in fibres produced with a sustainability approach for many years, continues to take the most decisive steps towards providing a better future for new generations and creating real change. Van de Kerkhof stated that they always support young scientists to realise their ideas by carrying research and development in this field further, saying: “In this context, also innovation and technological progress are vital to our success in addressing the urgent environmental challenges we face.”

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