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Penti won the award with its support for sustainability

Penti received an award in a special category at the REPREVE Champions of Sustainability Awards.

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One of the world’s leading innovators in recycled and synthetic yarns, Unifi Inc. announced the winners of the REPREVE Champions of Sustainability Awards, including Penti. The program continues to reward brand, textile and retail partners who have demonstrated a genuine commitment to supporting a sustainable world each year. In its fourth year, while names including many big brands meet with their awards; Turkey’s leading underwear and socks brand Penti received the REPREVE Leading the Change special category award.

In this year’s program, 38 brand and retail partners and 55 textile partners were awarded. While the first group has transformed 10 million or more recycled plastic bottles; the second one has transformed 50 million or more recycled plastic bottles by using REPREVE performance fibres. Besides the 98 bottle-based awards, the winners were also determined for Unifi’s three special category awards: REPREVE Newcomer, REPREVE Partners in Innovation, and REPREVE Leading the Change.

REPREVE Leading the Change award winner: Penti

Making a name for itself with sustainability projects such as “Breathe to the future”, Penti takes serious steps to reduce its carbon footprint and contributes to a sustainable world. Unifi Senior Vice President of Commercialization, Jay Hertwig said in his statement; “We chose Penti, a leading Turkish retailer, as the recipient of the REPREVE Leading the Change category, due to its efforts to promote sustainability across its clothing line and stores”. Besides, switching to REPREVE last year and demonstrated its commitment to sustainability, Odlo received the REPREVE Newcomer special award.

Penti became the first Turkish retail company to receive REPREVE Sustainability Award

Penti relayed in its statement that they shared the pride of being the first Turkish retail company to receive the ‘Leading the Change’ Special Award at the REPREVE Champions of Sustainability Awards. Stating that they supported sustainability in fashion with eco-friendly production management with the ‘I’M IN’ (I’m in for change) collection which they developed using recyclable, Penti continued as follows; “We also contributed to the recycling of 1 million plastic bottles and more than 5 tons of industrial nylon waste. With all these efforts, we will continue to increase the rhythm of sustainability. Thanks to all Penti Family who contributed to receiving this special award”.

Penti won the award with its support for sustainability

The program broke the highest record in its history

This year, as the highest number was reached in the history of the program, a total of 93 companies are recognized as REPREVE Sustainability Champions. Walmart and H&M have both transformed more than a half billion bottles through their use of REPREVE, while VF Corporation and Levi Strauss & Co. have both now transformed more than 200 million bottles in this year.

Unifi CEO Eddie Ingle said that despite the COVID-19 outbreak, Unifi remained successful thanks to its customers. Drawing attention to the 20% increase in the number of winners compared to the previous year, Ingle commented; “Our brand partners are demonstrating a steadfast commitment to sustainability. We want to thank them for their support for a more sustainable world during these unparalleled times”.

“Taking steps towards a greener tomorrow is important now, more than ever”

Jay Hertwig emphasized that the pandemic has brought to light the fact that sustainability and taking steps towards a greener tomorrow are important now, more than ever”. Hertwig ended his words as follows; “We hope these awards and the program as a whole inspire more brands and retailers to expand their sustainability goals by choosing REPREVE”.

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