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The eco-high tech biking uniform, developed by Sitip and Rosti in partnership with ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei, will be presented with the performance of the SCOTT Racing Team at the Italian Bike Festival to be held on September 9-11. Sitip fabrics, an expert in the stretch and biking fabric production that combines tradition and innovation with a sustainable production choice, were used in the sustainable uniform, which is developed by the team’s sportswear manufacturer Rosti and developed by the ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei’s first-class stretch fibre. The uniform, which was created based on the needs of the athletes, offers an effective solution in terms of style and ergonomics, high performance, easy maintenance, perfect fit and sustainability.

The Italian Bike Festival witnesses the combination of high performance and sustainable design

This year, an even more advanced R&D has led to the creation of the new responsible shorts, made with the NATIVE-THUNDERBIKE POWER fabric by Sitip, designed for high-performance sports and made of the recycled stretch yarn ROICA™ EF by Asahi Kasei and recycled polyamide. The fabric offers a particularly suitable solution for making cycling shorts for maximum coverage, thanks to the ECLIPSE Sun Protection technology that protects from UV rays and guarantees the right breathability, great comfort and a perfect fit.

The Italian Bike Festival witnesses the combination of high performance and sustainable design

The jersey is also produced using Sitip’s GRS certified NATIVEBICIMANIA and NATIVE-PIRATA fabrics, which are made from recycled polyester and enriched with MICROSENSE Soft Performance technology that can guarantee softness and maximum comfort on the skin. Here, ROICA™ EF by Asahi Kasei yarn is used, as with the shorts.

Bringing together the top and shorts, which both provide high performance and respect the environment, needs and values the athletes support, the form can also be preferred by other users for daily life with its ergonomic, performance and eco-friendly features.

SCOTT Racing Team confirms sustainable uniform’s field performance

Noting that racing at the highest level requires commitment, sacrifice and the top materials at the same time, SCOTT Racing Team President Ivano Camozzi said: “For the equipment, we rely on Sitip, Rosti and ROICA™ partnership, three-level partners who support us with a racing uniform that guarantees high performance. The  performance of this uniform is also accompanied by a sustainable and responsible design of which we are 100% proud of.”

The SCOTT Racing Team season has started a few months ago. The team of Juri Ragnoli, Jacopo Billi, Cristian Cominelli, Pietro Sarai and Andrea Siffredi tested the performance of the uniform with good results on the field, providing breathability, comfort and a perfect fit for running while safeguarding the environment.

More than 400 brands will reach end consumers, business partners and media at the Italian Bike Festival, which has been the leading European exhibition of the cycling and soft mobility market since 2018. The three-day festival will feature new trends and innovations in the industry, panels, workshops and events for athletes and amateurs of one of the world’s most popular and inclusive sports.

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