Morocco Style Opens Doors to Global Markets

Kuzey Afrika ve Akdeniz tekstil sektörleri Fas'taki 2. Morocco Style fuarında buluşacak
Kuzey Afrika ve Akdeniz tekstil sektörleri Fas’taki 2. Morocco Style fuarında buluşacak

The 2nd edition of Morocco Style will take place in the cosmopolitan city of Morocco, Casablanca to gather global professionals of textile, garment and accessories manufacturing.

Morocco International Fashion & Textile and Accessories (Morocco Style) Fair will be held from March 31 to April 3, 2016 at Casablanca. The first edition had been held on March 10-12 last year and proved success with 113 exhibitors from 14 countries and 7823 visitors.

The 2nd event will be organized by Pyramids Group, having 22 years of experience in fair organization, on March 31-April 3 at OFEC Casablanca Fair Center. The exhibition is set to welcome purchase committees from Mediterranean target countries including Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, France, Portugal, Spain and Italy. The fair will gather manufacturers from industries of leather, leather clothing, women fashion, man fashion, lingerie, men women nightwear, wedding dresses, kids wear, sportswear, knitted garments & tricot, shoes, bags.

Turkish Textile and Garment Industry Gives Full Support

Held for the first time in 2015 with official support provided by MESİAD, İSİAD, TUFİAD, OTİAD, BUGİAD, KYSD, Centre Marocaine de Promotions des Export, Centre Regional D’Investissament, Morocco Style had welcomed exhibitors and visitors from the US, UAE, Morocco, India, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt and Turkey.

Trade Grows Between Turkey-Morocco

Trade between Moroco and Turkey revived following the Free Trade Agreement that took effect in 2006 which boosted the textile industry as well. Casablanca shines out as the country’s center for 80% of overall trade as it is the largest city and port of Morocco.