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1 Hour Shirt; from fast fashion to fair fashion

Exclusive News1 Hour Shirt; from fast fashion to fair fashion

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The 1 Hour Shirt project, realised by the collaboration of Fashion Revolution Germany and a circular fashion brand DETTO FATTO, started out to highlight inequality and enable change in the fashion industry around 1 year ago. While fast fashion has created an industry that values profit over people, the project turned time into a currency and created a shirt aiming to help fast fashion become fair fashion. According to information shared on the project’s website, it takes one hour for workers in Bangladesh to make one shirt, from spinning the yarn to sewing the shirt and to packaging it. Starting from this point of view, the project is based on the idea that one hour of their time for one hour of the people who buy it. Carina Bischof CEO and chairwoman at Fashion Revolution Germany e.V. talked to Textilegence about the gains in the industry with these shirts which were offered for sale about 1 year ago.

Incomes from 1 Hour Shirt are used again for the change within the industry

When 1 Hour Shirt is purchased, one part (€12.50) goes directly back into the value chain of these t-shirts, to cover the cost of making and distributing it. This includes everyone from the Bangladeshi producer to the various stakeholders, starting with cotton crops and ending with logistics, who are all committed to fair pay and good working conditions.

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