Mouvent’s Challenging Entrance to Turkish Printing Industry

Mouvent TX801 Challenges Turkish Printing Industry
Mouvent TX801 Challenges Turkish Printing Industry

Seeing its first presentation made last year in ShanghaiTex, Mouvent TX801 digital textile printer’s first European launch took place in Turkey at ITM 2018. The textile industry showed intense interest in this machine which has the proprietor MouventTM Cluster Technology print head integration.

Mouvent, one of the youngest technology manufacturers in the digital printing industry, first met Turkish textile manufacturers with the TX801 textile digital printer, which was introduced to the global market last year. Attracting a lot of interest during the exhibition, the Mouvent booth, showed the true print strength of the TX801 with live presentations.

Mouvent Chief Business Officer Reto Simmen provided important clues related to Turkish market and their targets in a Textilegence exclusive interview. “First of all, we are fully aware that we are new to the market,” said Simmen, therefore he said they have decided to work with people who dominate the local market (PSC Textiles) and will introduce themselves to the Turkish market. Simmen; “We know that the Turkish market is well-established in terms of digital printing. And we are coming as a rather late entry and therefore we’ll have to offer something new, something better to the market and with our technology we think we can provide that offer to our future customers.”

Simmen: ‘We will differentiate in after-sales services’

We reminded Simmen that the Turkish textile industry is made up of big, integrated enterprises as well as a big number of SME companies, and he summarized their market strategy; “Our target will be big companies initially. We expect a rapid increase in demand to the technological superiority and potential we offer. At the next stage it will be the SME-type businesses strong enough to benefit from textile printers we will present to the market. The volume and variety of the market also brings with it the personalization of the technology needed. As Mouvent, we are also assertive in this area.”

Talking about after-sales services in Turkish market, Simmen underlined this as a point that they want to differentiate. “We do not only want to provide printer to our customers,” said Simmen. “We also want to provide services in terms of integrating the printer to our customer’s workflow for instance. We will also provide the inks to operate the printer and we will provide the service to maintain the printer and keep it up to a high level in terms of availability and reliability. “

Mouvent TX801 Challenges Turkish Printing Industry
Mouvent TX801 Challenges Turkish Printing Industry

Mouvent TX801 offers up new opportunities in high quality prints

Referring to the superior technology of the TX801 8 color multi-pass digital textile printer introduced at the ITM 2018, Reto Simmen stated that the machine provides 1200×1200 dpi print quality and 2000 dpi optical print quality. Stating that Fujifilm Samba printheads were used in the TX801; “We have, in terms of technical deliveries a very high print quality. The head can put a high amount of ink down to the fabrics. Also that’s something which can be beneficial for our customers. Then we have our very own Mouvent Cluster technology; so we have a very, very compact integration of the head, and thus a very reliable print engine in TX801. The head is able to speed up to hundred metres per minute which allows the machine to reach the high performance.”

Voicing that one of the main criteria for Mouvent is print quality; Reto Simmen, the quality on the fabric can be understood; by the very thin lines and the printing of dense colours. “Quality is really depending on the design and what has to be achieved,” said Simmen; and described that with the high resolution and with the ability to lay down a high amount of ink; TX801 can fulfil the needs in both directions.

Noting that the TX801 can work with a wide variety of fabrics; Simmen said that different inks could be used for this. Expressing they offer acid and reactive ink for TX801, Simmen; “We continue our R&D efforts to provide our customers with a full ink portfolio and a unique printing experience.”

Mouvent TX801 is a durable, compact and highly affordable machine

Accompanying Reto Simmen in the live shows performed during the ITM; Mouvent Turkey Regional Sales Manager Cenk Elkatip said that the TX801 had unrivalled print quality. Elkatip said; “Based on MouventTM Cluster Technology, the TX801 delivers 16g/m2 of ink in a single pass. We are talking about print quality up to 2000 dpi optical resolution. We offer a new solution to the Turkish textile industry with a very durable, compact and highly affordable model. The trust in us and our guarantee in after sales services will support our sales targets.”

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