Zorlu Tekstil and Disney expanded the scope of their cooperation

Zorlu Tekstil, has acquired the rights to production, sales, and marketing of Disney Home brand.

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One of the leaders of Turkey’s home textile, Zorlu Tekstil obtained the right of production, sales, and marketing for Disney products in Europe, CIS countries, Russia, and Turkey through the signing of a big agreement. Zorlu Tekstil has thus expanded the scope of its agreement on Disney characters-themed products, which it previously had limited sales rights in certain regions.

With the new agreement, Zorlu Tekstil, has acquired the rights to production, sales, and marketing of Disney Home brand, which Disney offers worldwide through a new positioning, in Europe, CIS countries, Russia and Turkey.

Zorluteks Executive Board Member Fatih Dereköylü stated that they now have the opportunity to export to a wider geography with the agreement. Indicating that they have a long-standing business partnership with Disney, Dereköylü said; “We previously had limited sales rights to regions like Turkey-MENA-CIS and CEE. With the new agreement, we will carry out the production, sales, and marketing of Disney in more than 80 countries covering 19 regions, mainly Europe. Thus, we will be able to reach many more countries with Disney products. As soon as we made the deal; our teams started to work and started to contact our customers in different countries. We believe that this agreement will make an important contribution to the textile exports of our country; as well as Zorlu Tekstil and Disney”.

With the agreement, Zorlu Tekstil will be able to produce, sell and market; all the licensed home textile products belonging to dozens of characters from; Disney, Marvel and Lucas in many countries; including Germany, France, Italy, England, Spain, Russia, and South Africa.

While Disney reduced the number of licensing companies from more than 180 in this region to three with its new strategy; Zorlu Tekstil signed a giant agreement with Disney as one of these three companies.

Zorlu Tekstil and Disney expanded the scope of their cooperation
Zorlu Tekstil and Disney expanded the scope of their cooperation

Zorluteks has been accepted to the Horizon 2020 Program for the second time

Zorluteks has been accepted for the second time with the OXIPRO project to the Horizon 2020 Grant Program; which supports the research, development, and innovation projects of the European Union. The OXIPRO project, which has been awarded 6 Million Euros by the European Union; will last 48 months and will be carried out by a total of 15 partners from 11 different countries.

With the OXIPRO project; it is aimed to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable products by using environmentally friendly enzymes in; detergent, textile, cosmetics, and nutraceutical (food supplements) sectors with an interdisciplinary and systemic innovation approach. Thus, resource consumption, environmental pollution and harmful chemical consumption will be reduced; and product functionality will be increased with the enzymes to be developed; as equivalent to the chemicals used in the processes.

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