Spinning Technologies Continues Innovation with SSM

Innovative Spinning Technologies with SSM
Innovative Spinning Technologies with SSM

Spinning technology specialist SSM will show its innovative solutions at ITM 2018 exhibition.

SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG will show their latest applications at ITM in Istanbul from April 14 to 17, 2018. SSM welcomes the interested visitors in hall 3, booth 301A and 313A.

The Swiss based SSM, the inventor of the electronic yarn traverse system, will continue their tradition of trend-setting with the presentation of breakthrough technologies which will help the customers to get their goals.

Although markets, technologies and fashion are subject to continuous change, the endeavor of SSM is to deliver state-of-the-art products and best solutions for any new demand. Keeping this in mind, SSM is introducing several new applications in Istanbul:

  • TG30-ETC offering the combination of false-twist texturing and air-texturing in one process step
  • Wide range of fancyflex™ options for creating slubs and neps with DP5-T
  • PWX-MTC with online tension controlled, positively driven unrolling system precitens™ offering the highest flexibility and productivity
  • Success of DIGICONE® 2 enabling higher dyeable package density with same package volume

In addition, SSM presents further innovative solutions in Dye Package/Rewinding, Assembly Winding, Technical Yarns, Air Texturing, False Twist Texturing, Air Covering and Sewing Thread Finish Winding. Besides the displayed applications, SSM provides a wide range of renowned textile machines.

About innovative SSM;

SSM Textile Machinery, Horgen (Switzerland) is a subsidiary of the Rieter Group based in Winterthur (Switzerland). In the combined 300-year-old tradition of the Schärer, Schweiter and Mettler companies, which merged in 1989 to become SSM, the commitment to textile machinery and facilities for yarn processing has always been exceptional.