New Investment for Hydroentangled Nonwoven Production

New investment for hydroentangled nonwoven production from EcoWipes
New investment for hydroentangled nonwoven production from EcoWipes

EcoWipes invests in innovative and sustainable hydroentangled nonwoven technology from Trützschler and Voith.

EcoWipes is a young, innovative company that has become a leading manufacturer and converter of private label products for the hydroentangled nonwoven segment. The firm; which is located to the north of Warsaw, was established in 2009 and has now already ordered its third nonwovens production line.

EcoWipes has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability and intensively monitors local and global market trends. In view of the rising consumer interest in biodegradable materials, EcoWipes opt for partners Trützschler Nonwovens and Voith to supply the new production line. The progressive and sustainable WLS (wet-laid spunlacing) concept developed by the two companies for manufacturing wet-laid hydroentangled nonwovens is a perfect fit for the EcoWipes product range. It is ideally suited for producing flushable wipes but also recyclable and biodegradable products. These materials meet consumer preferences for greater sustainability at the end of the product cycle.

Trützschler Nonwowens leader in hydroentangled nonwoven segment

The sale of this fifth WLS facility is testimony to the successful collaboration between Trützschler Nonwovens and Voith; as established technology leaders in the wet-laid hydroentangled nonwoven segment.

The new production line at EcoWipes is a flexible wet-dry nonwoven facility. Voith is supplying the HydroFormer, one of the main components of the new line. The HydroFormer concept builds on Voith’s long experience in the paper and pulp industry. With HydroFormer technology the suspension is highly diluted; so nonwovens can be produced entirely from cellulose, a renewable and cost-effective raw material.

Trützschler Nonwovens is not just responsible for the hydroentangling, drying and reeling up, but will also supply its latest high-speed card. This flexible configuration enables EcoWipes to produce a broad product range of wet-laid/spunlaced or carded/spunlaced nonwovens.

About EcoWipes

First nonwoven production line was launched in 2012. EcoWipes started from offering our 100% cotton wipes and its “cotton inside” variant; made of cotton-viscose mix; a fully natural and biodegradable product. The line is now fully flexible, it can produce other types of nonwovens (standard, natural, innovative) for wipes and also for pads;– 100% cotton and 3L – 3 layer nonwoven which is EcoWipes’s patented technology. The second line opened in 2015 and offers even more technical possibilities.