Real-Time Mill Performance Monitoring

Real-Time Mill Performance Monitoring – Anytime and Anywhere
Real-Time Mill Performance Monitoring – Anytime and Anywhere

The Alert and Cockpit Module displays the most relevant mill data on smartphones and enables quick decisions and measures to be prioritized.

In spinning mills, short reaction times and fact-based measures are crucial to increase the efficiency of machines. Rieter offers an application for smartphones which provides real-time key data about production, quality and energy – the Rieter Alert and Cockpit Module. It is a unique tool to monitor the mill performance 24/7, from anywhere and quickly react to prevent costly downtime.

The application consists of the alert and the cockpit features. The alert feature allows the user to set limits regarding production, quality and energy values. As soon as any of the set limits are exceeded or undershot, the user receives a notification. Thus, appropriate actions can be taken, such as delegating the incident directly to the responsible person in the spinning mill. The cockpit feature gives an overview of the running production efficiency over the entire Rieter machines, from fiber preparation to end spinning. It displays historical production data of the last five shifts. With this app, the user is able to react quickly and therefore improve the efficiency of the spinning mill.

The Alert and Cockpit Module grants mobile access to the Rieter SPIDERweb Mill Control System. The application is compatible with SPIDERweb system version 7.4.x or higher. SPIDERweb collects, displays and analyzes the data from spinning preparation for all four spinning systems. The application presents these data and enables mill personnel to monitor all important spinning mill data in real time.

Product Characteristics for Mill

  • Real-time data transmitted every two minutes.
  • Access to production and efficiency data of the last five shifts.
  • Data available anytime, anywhere, for all Rieter machines.
  • Notification through customized alarm settings.
  • Instant share of notifications by mail, text message, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Access to mill data monitoring 24/7, from anywhere
  • Real-time information to quickly react to challenging situations
  • Peace of mind with customized settings to get notified when performance is dropping

Availability and Compatibility

  • Download on Google Play, Apple App Store and Baidu App Store.
  • Part of the Mill Control System SPIDERweb.
  • Only compatible with SPIDERweb version 7.4.x and higher