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ASTEKS Presents Innovations to Global Textile Market at ITMA 2019

Introducing the 201-SF cots grinding machine and 101-AGV in-house transportation vehicle to the global market in addition to apron and cots solutions at the ITMA 2019 exhibition, ASTEKS was pleased with both the visitors’ interest attracted and the business potentials generated.

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ASTEKS Presents Innovations to Global Textile Market at ITMA 2019
ASTEKS Presents Innovations to Global Textile Market at ITMA 2019

Attending ITMA 2019, the most important and prestigious exhibition of the textile industry from June 20th to 26th, ASTEKS presented their latest cots grinding solutions to the visitors coming from important locations of the global textile production market. ASTEKS took place in the exhibition with their booth dominated by corporate red colour in Hall 7 which is allocated to spinning technologies, and attracted great interest from visitors. The company exhibited their solutions in 3 main categories to visitors with one-to-one products and detailed explanations; new products from the rich aprons and cots product range, high-automation 201-SF cots grinding machine and 101-AGV automatic guided vehicle. ASTEKS had a high level participation to the show, and were represented by General Manager Emre Akman, Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur, Export Markets Sales Manager Taner Engin and Export & Import Officer Aynur Güler.

The most prominent product in ASTEKS’ ITMA Barcelona booth was undoubtedly the 201-SF cots grinding machine with it’s high efficiency and automation power. The machine, which performed during the exhibition, carries out the cots grinding process more easily, faster and at higher standards than ever before. Compared to other known machine types that can feed the cots one by one manually, this machine can be used to feed the cots in bulk and the cots can be automatically transferred to the grinding.

This eliminates the need for keeping a dedicated labour continuously with the machine during the grinding process. It is sufficient for the operator to unload the cots collectively into the coots feeding chamber. Then, grinding process is carried out automatically thanks to the high automation of the 201-SF. In this way, the labour productivity of the cots grinding department increases and thus the maintenance cost in this area decreases.

New automation opportunities with the Asteks 201-SF cots grinding machine

Another automation solution offered by 201-SF is the measurement and sorting the cots of different diameters by means of the integrated diameter control mechanism. In this way, it is ensured that the cots other than the diameters determined according to the operating needs are separated without entering the grinding. Rather than the long and laborious process of measuring the cots diameters by hand with the known method of using a calliper, this system offers a great advantage for businesses. No separate process is required to sort the cots according to their diameters.

Another point that put 201-SF forward in the field is it’s cost-effectiveness. Compared to its European competitors, ASTEKS has made a strategic price positioning. As a cost-effective machine, 201-SF receives very positive respond from customers with this feature.

New Asteks aprons and cots for man-made fibres

ASTEKS shared their innovations in aprons and cots production with 50 years of experience in the industry at ITMA. The only domestic manufacturer of cots and aprons of Turkey, ASTEKS continues their competitive edge in the global market with innovative products produced through intensive R&D. In the show, the solutions were presented especially for the companies who spin synthetic, rayon and similar blends. The RC-751 and RC-851 cots, which have been developed for the production of polyester fibre blended yarns, offer yarn manufacturers a comfortable operation, free from the risk of lapping.

The newly developed TA-630/63 sh and HG-650/65 sh cots were exhibited for the production of cotton yarn. Especially in fine count yarn production, these cots offer both a long service life and better yarn quality/USTER values. In addition, the GESA and S/CTA aprons from the Performance range were among the products attracting attention considerably a lot, during the meetings.

The in-house transportation vehicle 101-AGV developed by ASTEKS within the concept of Industry 4.0 was also a product highlighted at the exhibition. Introduced to the global market with both poster and video presentation, the 101-AGV transport vehicle enables the transportation of almost any form of wheeled load on designated lines within the facility. 101-AGV, an automation solution that is already used in the transfer of yarn bobbin trolley, big fabric dock cars and fibre batch cases, attracted the attention of many visitors during the show due to its contribution to lowering operating costs.

ITMA exhibition with the highest efficiency

Stating that they were pleased with the interest they received from visitors at ITMA 2019; Sabri İlknur, Marketing and Sales Manager of Asteks; said that the products in 3 main branches managed to impress visitors with their innovative aspects. İlknur; “With the effect of restructuring our foreign sales activities; the number of existing and potential customers who came to visit us on purpose was quite high. In terms of business creation efficiency, ITMA 2019 was much more successful than previous editions”. İlknur explained that they welcomed the visitors from the markets of Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan and Egypt; at the most and stated that Turkish textile manufacturers had a strong participation as usual.

İlknur stated that several important meetings took place in the show and said; “The ITMA exhibition, where we had the opportunity to explain our new technologies; was also very successful in terms of business efficiency. We came together with the managers and decision makers of many important textile companies. We have shaken hands for both our aprons and cots, our grinding machines and our 101-AGV transport vehicle. For example, the sale of the 201-MTL cots grinding machine to SASA; one of Turkey’s major textile companies, was finalized during the exhibition.

Dozens of contacts were established

Pre-agreement with Uzbekistan based company Antex Group has been made. Zaman Textile, one of Pakistan’s well known textile groups, has entered a large scale investment for a new facility. In this context, we reached a good-will agreement shaking hands on the purchase of the 201-SF cots grinding machine; that we have exhibited at the show. In addition to these completed projects, dozens of contacts were established with companies in order to do business”.

Underlining that ITMA is a technology and machinery exhibition; ASTEKS Export Markets Sales Manager Taner Engin stated that they attended to the world’s most prestigious show of textile machinery; and spare parts with a stylish and highly presentable booth. Engin stated that the fact that the innovative products were actually introduced at the ASTEKS booth; and the display of the 201-SF cots grinding machine in operation gave confidence to the customers. Engin continued his words as follows; “Marketing is to offer and establish confidence in general. As a company with 50 years of history; we have worked hard during the ITMA to achieve that in overseas markets; as we have been doing in the Turkish market significantly good and we took successful steps. We will focus on transforming these steps into successful business results through the marketing processes following the exhibition”.

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