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Market processes digitalizes with MatTex and Kornit Custom Gateway

Kornit Digital’s B2B and B2C workflow software Custom Gateway offers new opportunities to printers.

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Fatih Cengiarslanhttps://www.textilegence.com
After completing his Academic English education at the University of Western Australia, Fatih Cengiarslan returned to Turkey to study Online Journalism and Publication at Istanbul Aydin University, and took an eight months training on interactive media at the University of Technology in Lithuania - Kaunas. Cengiarslan then successfully completed the Faculty of Business Administration in Eskişehir Anadolu University. He started to work as a reporter in Referans Gazetesi after completing his internship at CNNTURK. 2 years later he established his own media for the textile industry under the Textilegence brand. Currently, Fatih has been managing Textilegence.com, Printing3D and NEFA PR Agency for 6 years.

Kornit Digital’s DTG (Direct to garment printing) and DTF (Direct to fabric printing) solutions carry the codes of the changing commercial life. B2B and B2C workflow software integrated into Kornit’s DTG and DTF machines support customers in opening the doors to success in the market. One of Matset Group companies and Kornit Digital’s new representative in the Turkish market, MatTex share its future vision.

MatTex Business Development Manager Gökhan Kuyrukçu drew attention to the rapid change in the global market and production processes. “In all processes from the 19th century, when the industrial revolution upset the world rules, the aim of mutual commercial benefit has been the constant motto of forward-thinking companies,”

Said Kuyrukçu and continued his words saying; “Today’s industrial societies are experiencing a new process with the cooperation of technological development and brilliant business intelligence of human power. The indispensable workflow method for companies working in B2B or B2C is the rapid integrated digitalization of the relationship between human and machine and the automation system that dominates the whole process. Textile and printing industries are among the first to experience this transformation”.

The printing industry is developing thanks to innovative technologies

Gökhan Kuyrukçu stated that new technologies make a great contribution to companies in the control of production processes and cost calculation, and underlined that without these systems and software support, companies cannot obtain cost, income and expense calculations, risk analysis and investment plans with accurate data.

Kuyrukçu disclosed that the strength of a company operating in the printing industry is based on its sectoral experience, knowledge, printing capability and printing competence. Kuyrukçu reminded that, in order to gain loyal customers, the first step of the mutual commercial relationship is the offer and the sale, and then a smooth print process and delivery to the customer in the promised time and conditions. Emphasizing that all processes should be monitored and managed with precision and coordination, Kuyrukçu said that regardless of the volume and quality of the work, the fulfilment of the work within the promised period is the basis for permanent commercial partnerships.

Kuyrukçu reminded that in addition to the customer side in the print management process, the internal workflow should also function flawlessly, and shared the following details on this topic; “All steps of the received work must proceed in an approved manner. The traceability of all processes from the design stage to the delivery to the customer, the approval protocols between the responsible parties and the implementation of quality management systems both prevent mistakes and make the job easier”.

Software facilitates process controls

Gökhan Kuyrukçu stated that companies redefine their processes due to the increasing competition in the market. Saying that every business has to keep its expenses under control due to competitive conditions in all processes from raw material procurement to final product sales price, Kuyrukçu; “It is vital to buy as much material as needed, to set stock turnover rates correctly, to control invisible, fixed and variable costs. All of these have now become easier through software integrated into companies’ workflow processes”.

Market processes digitalizes with MatTex and Kornit Custom Gateway
Market processes digitalizes with MatTex and Kornit Custom Gateway

Kornit and Custom Gateway respond to B2B and B2C requests

Indicating that Kornit Digital offers creative and value-added solutions not only in printing technologies but also in software and business processes for textile printing, Gökhan Kuyrukçu said that the latest example of this is Custom Gateway. Expressing that B2B and B2C requests can be managed instantly with the Custom Gateway platform, Kuyrukçu detailed the features of this software as follows;

“With this software, the order management of companies becomes easier, and the doors of e-commerce are easily opened without being overwhelmed with details. Custom Gateway also provides all the convenience to its users from the website to the order, preparation, printing, packaging and shipping stages, thanks to its integration with Kornit’s own RIP system Kornit Konnect. Thanks to the modules it contains and its excellent workflow, it makes it possible to produce the right product in the right facility by transferring the orders to different facilities when the order is received. With Kornit Digital’s Custom Gateway integration, success is easier than ever in the world of W2P(web to print)”.

Noting that offering customers special products or applications that make them feel special makes a differance, Kuyrukçu argued that this also adds value to companies in the market. Kuyrukçu finished his words as follows; “The first step to be taken for this is to establish an innovation team. In this way, while the demands are fulfilled, innovative solutions can be offered to the customers. As Joel Barker said; Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world”.

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