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ISKO’s Ctrl+Z fabric received bluesign® APPROVED label

WeavingISKO’s Ctrl+Z fabric received bluesign® APPROVED label

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Türkiye-based global denim producer ISKO has achieved the bluesign® APPROVED label for its latest innovation Ctrl+Z recycled denim fabrics containing no virgin cotton and only recycled and regenerated fibers. This label is considered as one of the hardest sustainability credentials to achieve, by one of the most trusted independent authorities in the world. As such, it speaks to the level of transparency of ISKO’s products and to the sustainable and innovative approach that Ctrl+Z brings to the table and to production. Specifically, Ctrl+Z is material science that hits “undo” on post-industrial waste delivering fabrics made from recycled and regenerated content that look and feel identical to their former compositions with increased strength and durability.

“ISKO’s innovations in denim textiles demonstrate how partnerships can work holistically”

ISKO’s Head of Sustainability Ebru Özküçük commented: “This is a great achievement for ISKO as we have been seriously investing from the very beginning to make our production, and the industry as a whole, more responsible, transparent, and ultimately sustainable.” Özküçük said they are looking forward to this new partnership with Bluesign which keeps raising the bar of what is to be expected to make business better.

Bluesign CEO Daniel Rüfenacht emphasised that the importance of developing recycled denim using responsible chemicals and processes cannot be underscored enough. Rüfenacht stated that the negative impacts of this section of the industry are well-documented, adding: “But ISKO’s continued focus on advancing innovations in denim textiles, while adhering to Bluesign’s high standards, demonstrates how partnerships can work holistically.”

It is a credential that Bluesign grants only to bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNERs, including manufacturers, that meet the strict safety and environmental requirements of the bluesign® CRITERIA such as ensuring production sites are safe for workers, reducing CO2 emissions and water consumption, as well as avoiding hazardous substances in production among many others.

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