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Kornit brings the possibilities of digital printing to the runway

PrintingKornit brings the possibilities of digital printing to the runway

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Kornit Digital, providing digital printing solutions for the textile, clothing and apparel industries, demonstrates how designers can take their creations from concept to runway in just weeks, both at the Kornit Fashion Week fashion shows organised by the company itself and at other important fashion weeks. Most recently, at the 2023 Kornit Fashion Week in Tel Aviv on March 19-22, 28 designers from around the world presented their creations using digital printing and workflow capabilities.

Kornit Digital EMEA President Chris Govier said that in the traditional production model, the time required for a concept to appear on the runway exceeds one year, and added that in order to bring garments to the market, it is necessary to build inventory first. Govier pointed out that it is necessary to have stable or cost-controlled access to the raw materials required to build the inventory, emphasised that however, supply chains are very fragile. Govier briefly summarised the process as follows: “Essentially, you’ve gambled on the popularity of your creation, and losing means not only dwindling profit margins, but in many cases a reputation for being wasteful.”

Kornit brings the possibilities of digital printing to the runway

On-demand printing systems remove limitations

Chris Govier said that in addition to using pigment-based inks that meet rigorous environmental standards such as GOTS, OEKO-TEX Eco Passport and BLUESIGN, on-demand printing systems give designers the ability to take their creations from concept to the runway in just a few weeks. Govier disclosed that this is possible in a few minutes with the ready-to-use fabrics offered on demand, and that these fabrics are perfect for both sampling different materials and graphic effects. Govier continued as follows: “Production costs are low and consistent, so fulfilling orders of one or 1,000 yield reliable profit margins. The speed to market, supplemented by efficient workflow and visibility systems to ensure a streamlined, accountable pixel-to-parcel fulfilment process, means producing only what has been sold is a realistic business model, safeguarding operations against unforeseen disruptions, and enabling nearshoring or onshoring of operations to mitigate supply chain risks.”

Digital fashion production encourages designers

Chris Govier, saying: “It is one thing to discuss the mechanics of digital fashion production, but another to see just what the finished product can be,” emphasised the importance of collaborating with organisations such as Red Carpet Green Dress™ to show how bold and beautiful creations may come of a process that delivers products based on the promise of the digital world. Govier disclosed: “These promises mean using less labour, less materials, less energy, less time and less space to shrink carbon footprints, while making no compromises, and in many cases even introducing new graphic and tactile possibilities. Our work with threeASFOUR and YesAnd at New York Fashion Week is proof this can happen. Our runway presentations at Kornit Fashion Weeks Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, and London are a testament to these possibilities.”

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