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Rieter Showcased Efficiency Focused Solutions at ITM 2016

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Displaying the latest innovations for yarn manufacturers during ITM, Rieter created a distance with new technologies that focus on efficiency and quality. Owning a strong position in Turkey, Rieter boosts market activities with Erbel Mümessillik.

An expert of yarn technologies, Rieter met Turkish market in ITM 2016 and exhibited extensive solutions at Hall 3, Booth 313. Visitors could closely examine comber E 86 and OMEGAlap combed cotton preparation system as well as K 46 compact spinning machine. SIDERweb mill control system which has various innovations was also shared with visitors. Located on a very large area, Rieter’s booth housed solutions by Bräcker, Graf, Novibra and Suessen as well and grabbed great interest. Some presentations about those innovations were held by company executives and experts during an event for press and industry representatives at the booth on the second day of the event.

Full Support for Full Automated Manufacturers

Rieter Marketing Vice President Edda Walraf made special statements for Textilegence, saying that the company could display only one end spinning technology during the fair although they have comprehensive solutions from fiber to yarn spinning. Those are innovations and services which particularly addresses Turkish market. Walraf highlighted, “There is tough competition in Turkish market. Our Asian competitors are also in this market, thereby, we are outstanding with our high quality products. We are also developing quite flexible products in demand. They are all perfect solutions for Turkish market.”

E -36 combing preparation and E-86 combers receive attraction due to efficiency, which is based on a strong technical accuracy. It is important to remove short fibers from long ones at those high speed machines, which is done by E 36 and E 86 perfectly. These combers boost efficiency and quality, while combing preparations machine E-36 OMEGAlap also completes the process. Walraf mentioned, “The product lap is controlled not only by two rolls but always at all sides during the production thanks to OMEGAlap. We obtain a faster comb preparation process since we have a constant and comprehensive lap guidance. Thus, 1 preparation machines is enough for 6 combers. Our competitors need 1 preparation machine for 4 combers. This means an advantage for us in terms of investments.”

Rieter was not able to exhibit some fully automated machines during the fair, Edda Walraf reminded, adding that those machines clearly meet demand from Turkish market as they offer less manpower and higher efficiency. Those solutions receive great demand from Turkish customers, while these machines can very quickly resume usage following re-usage and optimize themselves.

2016 Can Be a Good Year

According to Walraf, Rieter’s market success is a “company secret” amidst an intense competition in yarn technologies industry, while product price, performance, marketing and delivery processes are hot topics in this case. “Our technologies are long lasting and require less maintenance, which is another driver. Our customers own our machines for 20 years, working 7/24. Reliability and customer satisfaction are highly important for Rieter. We immediately interfere in any case of problem. We are not only selling as Rieter, but also keep supporting customers during the whole production life. We are always next to our customers, which makes us special, I think,” Walraf commented.

The first half of 2016 has a stable outlook amidst changes on regional markets, according to Edda Walraf. It is too early to talk about year-end predictions, Walraf said, making following comments on Turkey: “We can’t talk clearly for Turkish market either as there are various uncertainties given regional developments. Nonetheless, we can deem 2016 as a good year albeit not great in case the current market status remains smoothly in place until the end of the year.”

Haluk Erbel: We Are Successful as We are Solution Partners of Turkish Customers

Speaking during the event at Rieter’s booth in ITM; Rieter’s Turkey Representative Erbel Mümessillik Owner Haluk Erbel pointed to the importance of Turkish textile industry. The textile and ready-to-wear industries are playing an important role on Turkey’s economic figures; in terms of gross domestic product, employment and exports. He stated, “Accounting for about 7 % of the GDP together, these two sectors are the core of Turkish economy. According to the Ministry of Economy in Turkey; these sectors had a 19 % share in total export volume in 2014. And there are more than 53 000 textile and clothing companies in Turkey with more than 918 000 employees.”

In line with the rise in overall exports of Turkey between 2002 and 2013; the same increase is also seen in the textile and clothing industries, 4.5 Billion USD to 12.8 billion USD. During the last decades, the sector has become more dynamic. This requires short trade routes and a textile industry which is very highly flexible. Turkish textile industry uses modern technology (75 % of textile machinery are younger than 10 years). This allows to act very flexible to the ever-changing trends in fashion.

Rieter entered the Turkish market in 1895 and Erbel Mümessillik has been representing the company since 42 years. “We reached the top position in the field of yarn industry as system supplier and partner for solutions. Turkish yarn manufacturers prefer Rieter due to price, performance and service. Besides, we are meeting higher demands regarding flexibility, quality and productivity as Rieter and Erbel. Rieter helps the Turkish investors to plan investments; to finance, to install and to operate cost effective and maintain their installations up-to-date,” Haluk Erbel ended.

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