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Another Growth Trend in Textile Exports

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Another Growth Trend in Textile Exports
Another Growth Trend in Textile Exports

Textile exports, which declined in August, increased again in September. Thus, the figures were always positive for the 8 months out of 9 of the year.

After the fluctuation in the exchange rates and the depreciation of the Turkish lira in August-September, the exporters pushed the growth trend upwards again. Turkey’s overall exports increased by 22.6% up to 14.5 billion dollars in September, exports of textiles and raw materials was 883 million dollars, with an increase of 7.2%. In August, the exports of the industry declined by 13% to $ 775 million. Total exports of the textile industry increased by 5.9% and reached 7.8 billion dollars in the January – September period of 2018.

In September, the largest export of textiles and raw materials, as always, was made to 28 EU member states. Exports to EU countries increased by 4.1% in September and reached up to 459 million dollars. In the first 9 months of the year, total textile exports to this market amounted to 4 million dollars.

Exports to the Middle East countries, the second most important market for the textile industry, declined by 17.5% in September to 768 million dollars level. The only group in which our exports decreased in September was the Middle East countries.

In September, the group with the highest increase in exports of textiles and raw materials were other European countries (Norway, Switzerland, TRNC, Iceland). With an increase of 27.1%, this export increased to about 7 million dollars. In the same month, exports to the former Eastern Bloc countries, which increased by 24.5%, amounted to approximately 93 million dollars.

Italy was our biggest exports market

In terms of countries that exports were made in January – September period, the most important market for textiles and raw materials industry is Italy. In this period, our exports to Italy increased by 1.6% to 672 million dollars. On the other hand, our textile exports to Italy decreased by 1.3% compared to the same period of the previous year and were 79 million dollars.

In September, exports to Germany increased by 8.4% to 72 million dollars, exports to the US increased by 2.1% to 51 million dollars, and exports to Bulgaria decreased by 21.5% to 42 million dollars.

Amount of textile exports increase by 18.7% in September

The increase in the amount of textile exports was 18.7% in September. The increase rate in the first 9 months of the year was 5.8% and reached up to 1.7 million tons.

On the basis of product groups, the main item in exports was woven fabrics. In January-September period, 24.1% of the exports of textiles and raw materials were woven fabrics. Compared to the same period of the previous year; the increase in exports of this product was 5.5%, while the revenue was about 1.9 billion dollars. In September this year, exports of this product increased by 5.4% (215 million dollars).

For the second important product group yarns; 169 million dollars of value was obtained with a 13.4% increase in the January-September period. In September, yarn exports increased by 13.4% to 169 million dollars.

Home textile is the third important product group of our textile and raw materials export. This product, which covers 15.1% of our total textile exports; was realized as 1.2 billion dollars in January-September period with 0.2% export decline. In September, exports decreased by 1.3% to 127 million dollars.

For the exports of technical textiles, the increase in exports in the first 9 months of the year was 14.8%. In this period, export revenues of 1.3 billion dollars were obtained. In September, our exports of technical textiles increased by 10.6%. Nonwoven main product group came to the forefront in technical textiles. In this product group, which accounted for 33.33% of total technical textile exports, our exports increased by 15.5% in September.

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