The Driving Forces of Onsart Reklamcılık; Nyala 2 and bullmer

    Making productions that turn designs into reality, Onsart Reklamcılık has experienced a significant progress on corporate transformation with its new investments Nyala 2 and bullmer PREMIUMCUT 3220.

    Providing industrial design, engineering and visual design solutions directed only to European market, Onsart Reklamcılık strengthened its presence with the industrial UV print machine Nyala 2 and digital cutting machine bullmer PREMIUMCUT 3220 of swissQprint in which it invested. Forming the new investments at its facility in Seyrantepe, Istanbul with Pigment Reklam’s efficient technical support, the company emphasizes that thay are satisfied with the productivity they gained.

    A subsidiary and manufacturing firm of Sedax GmbH which was formed in Germany as a family corporate in 2003, Onsart Reklamcılık started its works in 2009. Stating that they make production only for Sedax, Onsart Reklamcılık General Manager Onur Şahin explained that they manufacture printing, display systems, illuminated advertising systems, shop systems also stand and studio systems. Şahin continued;  “Sedax holds 80% of the works in printing and design area of Germany’s furniture sector, and we perform the production here on behalf of Sedax. Illuminated plexi, illuminated boxes, unilluminated boxes with fabric printed and printing at every surface are among the products that step forward. ”

    Stating that they respond to every print and application demand of their customers including wood, aluminium box and fabric, Onur Şahin expressed that they told their customers thusly; ‘we produce whatever you imagine’. Highlighting that they perform production for a wide segment, Şahin explained they made an investment decision in a busy and challenging process. Şahin summarized the process as such; “The furniture companies in Germany are attached to various associations, in case of transferring to another association, the companies must change all the datas. One of our customers’ 85 shops had to be renewed just because of this. These shops are wide areas ranging from 120 thousand to 300-400 thousand squaremeters. In this process, the products consisted of 15-16 complementary datas were required to be reproduced thousands of copies and delivered very quickly. We needed the suitable ink for this process. Pigment Reklam presented both the right ink and the right print technology which is Nyala 2. Acquiring success above our expectations on trials and our existing machinery’s becoming unable to meet the demands, we decided to invest. ”

    A New Productivity Level; Nyala 2

    Onur Şahin stated that Switzerland-based swissQprint’s new generation uv print machine Nyala 2 is preferred because of its high productivity, fast and automated process and easy to use features. Stating; “One of the biggest features of Nyala 2 is that printing on a fabric, you can get a high image quality as if you printed on foil”, Şahin said that the datas with very high dpis can be printed in the right color and quality very easily. Expressing that Nyala 2 saves the operator from the color seperation process by identifying the color directly, Şahin continued; “Before this, with double strike 200% print quality could be acquired, now thanks to the new system 900% print quality can be reached. With Nyala 2’s tandem feature we can perform two different printing in the front and back of the machine. In this way, our capacity increased 2-3 times with one machine. We reached to a new productivity level. ”

    Adding that they gained appreciation from their customers with Nyala 2’s droptix technology that provides 3d printing effect, Şahin said they started to investigate new production opportunities that Nyala 2 enables. Şahin also said that they are pleased with Pigment Reklam as the agent and 7/24 technical support they received from swissQprint center.

    bullmer is The Most Effective Solution in Fabric Cutting

    Onur Şahin stated that bullmer which is the reflection of German engineering, is much more successful at fabric cutting unlike other cutting brands. Şahin expressed thusly; “bullmer provides great advantage since it can cut perfectly regardless of the material’s kind. For instance, we perform print on fabric in each aluminium box we produce and there we sometimes perform printings with broad width such as 1,5m to 6m. Apart from this there are pillow printing and smaller fabric parts. These need to be cut unerringly and bullmer succeeds that. ”

    Reporting that in Onsart Reklamcılık the transformation of fabrication manufacturing mentality actualized with Nyala 2 and bullmer, Şahin shared that enhancing print quality brings more customer satisfaction which also brings more work to do. Indicating that their machineries are powerful to meet the existing demands exceedingly, Şahin added that a new investment may be considered with the growth that can be experienced depending on increasing demand in the next 2-3 years.