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Trützschler Nonwovens: “Efficiency in Technical Textiles”

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Trützschler Nonwovens met Turkish market at ITM 2016. The company is quite strong in nonwoven segment with 4 proven bonding technologies.

Producing machines and facilities for the whole production process from opening to rolling in nonwoven manufacturing, Trützschler Nonwovens explained its solutions during ITM 2016. The established company offers 4 different bonding methods (thermo bonding, mechanical needling, spunlacing and chemical bonding) and targets increased efficiency and lower operating costs in nonwoven production. Trützschler Nonwoven Regional Sales Managers Enrico Murroni and Dominic Prömpler gave a joint interview for Textilegence.

Enrico Murroni noted that Trützschler Nonwovens has a wide product range including all areas from fiber preparation to nonwovens roll production for a wide range of fiber materials. “The cotton fiber segment is growing fast and because of increased demand for sustainable products we are particularly interested in that area. We are also exhibiting new technologies such as air-through structuring, a recent development for thermobonding processes,” he reported.

Dominic Prömpler said they are able to meet all customer demand thanks to 4 different bonding technologies. Regarding their new solutions, he stated; “We presented our new products at ITMA Milan last year. Our new generation hydroentanglement technology, the Fleissner AquaJet, grabbed great interest with modular design and match with customer needs. We exhibited solutions which boost quality and efficiency while lowering costs in chemical bonding, thermal bonding and needling. We see great potential for those in Turkey and thanks to ITM 2016 producers get first-hand information.”

Turkish Nonwoven Industry Grows in Ready Products

“Cotton fibers, as a raw material, achieved notable growths in Turkish nonwoven industry.” Enrico Murroni said, claiming that this fiber is not well promoted in nonwoven segment. Underlining the fact that growth is among the most important issues in nonwoven industry, he commented that technical textiles should see more progress in Turkey. Products like wipes see good demand in the market, while products that include technical applications –such as filters, geotextiles or technical felts- should be worked on more. Particularly, players could for instance focus on products for the automotive industry.

Similarly, Dominic Prömpler commented that Turkish nonwoven industry has achieved a remarkable progress particularly in ready products. This drift lost some pace recently, while spunlace saw momentum. It is useful to produce new products for different market, while special products will help the market develop further.

Turkey is a more reliable and strong market when compared to many other markets, according to Prömpler. “We believe that Turkish nonwoven market will continue to be vivid. We are willing to support this growth with our latest solutions. Many of our customers have been from Turkey during the last 1.5-2 years which is an important point. Plus, we are pleased to see that Turkish customers are expanding into foreign markets. Our customers aim to take part in the global market -not only in Turkey but all over the world. ” he argued.

Customers Have Chance to Make Sample Production

Trützschler Nonwovens has 3 research centers, 2 of them being for nonwovens. Pilot nonwoven lines for various purposes customers to make sample products and to explore new production processes, Dominic Prömpler reported. This helps customers to have clearer ideas about in which segment to invest and how. The company give presentations at conferences and symposiums to inform the industry about the latest developments. Nonwoven production technologies are used for making a broad range of technical textiles which reply to various needs. This variety makes informing and personal discussions very important.

The technical centers are used for machine developing processes as well. New components, machines and processes are tested here before being launched to the market. The company uses the insights from the trials for constant developing.

Main Goal: Customer Satisfaction

Enrico Murroni commented on their market studies, saying that their main goal is to supply the best machines and to enjoy highest customer satisfaction. “Satisfaction and machine performance develop together.  We are glad to see our machines in every application, not only the one it has been developed for. We wish to see our machines in other technical applications than we already thought of. ” he mentioned.

Nonwoven markets continue to grow, Murroni noted. He expects remarkable growth particularly in the Middle East whereas the largest market in the world, China, shows a slow rebound and only little growth is expected in South America.

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