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Wholesale women’s clothing exports grow with e-commerce

TopicalWholesale women’s clothing exports grow with e-commerce

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A digital finance-supported wholesale platform established for the development of the wholesale women’s clothing sector offers a wide range of products to its users while enabling manufacturers to export their collections to all corners of the world. E-commerce has become a rapidly growing sector both in the world and in Türkiye in recent years. According to the latest data published by the Ministry of Trade, Türkiye’s e-commerce volume reached 652.7 billion TL with an increase of 109.7% compared to the same period of the previous year. It is stated that textile is among the first sectors to gain the most momentum in the e-commerce ecosystem in 2023. While the TurkStat Household Information Technology (IT) Usage Survey shows that 75.5% of individuals using e-commerce sites buy clothes, shoes and accessories, these categories have a total share of 13.92% in e-commerce.

Toptan kadın giyim ihracatı e-ticaretle büyüyor  Görsel Kaynak: Freepik
“We increase the export potential of wholesale women’s clothing manufacturers” Image Source: Freepik

“We increase the export potential of wholesale women’s clothing manufacturers”

Chovvk, a digital finance-supported wholesale platform, showcases the collections of manufacturers, enabling both the growth of brands and mediating buyers to reach the products they want more easily. Founder of Chovvk, Altan Kabakçı lists the advantages of e-commerce and technological infrastructure for manufacturers as follows: “We enable manufacturers in the wholesale women’s clothing sector to present their collections to their customers quickly as well as in line with the fashion trend, at the right price and method. The fact that manufacturers have software such as ERP or MRP makes it possible for them to be competitive in terms of cost and profitability by being able to follow all the processes from the tracking of raw materials to the product to be placed on the website. We have developed our e-commerce and technological infrastructure to meet this need.”

Stating that they manage all processes such as e-commerce, ERP and process management, website installation and implementation stages with their professional teams, Kabakçı said; “Our manufacturers can reach a wider audience by exhibiting their collections on our website, receive orders online, save labour and costs by transferring logistics processes to us. We also draw a road map for target market analysis and selection. In this way, we increase the export potential of our producers.” Kabakçı added that one of the long-term strategic plans is to establish companies and smart logistics warehouses in these countries to ensure the proper functioning of the supply chain, especially in the USA and the UK, and to reach the speed of responding to incoming demand instantly.

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