Woven Fabrics See Increased Importance in Textile Trade

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Woven fabrics form one of the main arms of global trade as it achieved exports of USD315 billion and imports of USD58 billion in 2015.

Woven fabrics are highly important in textiles as an export arm as well as a raw material for ready-wear and garment industries. The woven industry represents the established power of the industry with a considerable technologic investment and it remains as a main segment in both global and Turkish market. “Woven Fabric Trade in the World and Turkey” report released by ITKIB (Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporter Association) demonstrates the progress of woven fabric trade as well as the latest export and import figures.

The global textile and woven fabric exports were up between 2006-2015 and the global fabric exports recorded constant hikes except in 2009, 2012 and 2015. In 2006, exports of woven fabrics had a share of 28.2% at USD69 billion in total textile exports of USD244 billion. Meanwhile, in 2015, the global textile exports were reported at USDA315 billion, out of which woven fabric exports counted for 25% at USD78 billion.

Cotton Woven Fabrics Hit USD29 Billion

Cotton woven fabric was the largest exported group in 2015 with USD29 billion on a global scale. Cotton woven fabrics counted for 37.1% in global woven fabric exports in the period. The second largest group was synthetic man-made filament yarn woven fabric, for which exports hit around USD26 billion in 2015. It counted for 32.8% in the total woven fabric exports. The third largest exported group was synthetic man-made discontinuous thread woven fabric with a share of 21.2% at USD17billion. Exports of woolen, thin and coarse animal hair woven fabrics were at USD3 billion.

China, the world’s largest exporter of textile and apparel is also the largest exporter of woven fabric across the board. China’s woven fabric exports were up by 0.2% to USD37 billion during 2015. The country counts for 47.4% of the global woven fabric exports alone. It is followed by Italy, India, South Korea and Pakistan, respectively.

Turkey exported textile and raw materials worth at USD9.5 billion to 190 countries in 2015, while it ranks as the 6th on a global scale. In 2015, Turkey’s exports of woven fabrics were at USD2.6 billion, which indicated a 10.5% drop when compared to the previous year. Its share is 3.3% in global woven fabric exports. The largest product exported by Turkey in the range is cotton woven fabric with USD1 billion. Its largest destinations, meanwhile, were Spain, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Morocco and Tunisia.

Imports hit USD58 billion

In 2006, woven fabric imports counted for USD60 billion out of the total textile imports at USD224 billion, while the figure as USD58 billion out of USD290 billion in 2015. During the last decade, imports of woven fabric were at USD8 billion, while global textile imports were at USD66 billion.

In 2015, the largest imported group was cotton woven fabric with USD25 billion and a share of 36.1%. This was followed by synthetic man-made filament yarn woven fabric at USD22 billion and a share of 31.8%. Synthetic man-made discontinuous thread woven fabric ranked as the third with 23.7% share and USD16 billion imports.

Vietnam was the largest woven fabric importer of Turkey during last year as it counted for 11.4% of the total imports at USD7.8 billion. Bangladesh followed with a share of 6.9% at USD4.7 billion while China ranked as the third importer with a share of 5.8% at USD4 billion of imports.

Turkey is the 10th country among the largest importers of woven fabric across the world. Its imports were down by 18.5% to USD1.6 billion during 2015. Turkey’s imports share is around 2.3% in the global imports. Cotton woven fabric was the largest imported group with USD594 billion, meanwhile. Turkey’s largest importers were Indonesia, China, Italy, Egypt and South Korea.

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