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Yeşim Tekstil Ağrı Investment Will Create 5000 Jobs

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Yeşim Tekstil Ağrı Investment people speaking
Yeşim Tekstil Ağrı Investment Will Create 5000 Jobs

Yeşim Tekstil Ağrı investment will create 5000 jobs. Yeşim Tekstil plans to increase their employment and capacity by completing their new ready-to-wear investment in Ağrı in 3 years. This investment, which will employ 5 thousand people, will contribute to the revival of the economy in the region.

Manufacturing for several worldwide important brands, Bursa-based Yeşim Tekstil realized their new capacity increasing investment to Ağrı, one of Turkey’s most eastern and 6th region incentive applied provinces. 5 thousand people are planned to be employed with the investment that is to be completed within 3 years. One of the most female worker employing firms of Turkey, Yeşim Tekstil will also increase their employment number to 3500 with an additional 100 employment at their Bursa facility in 2019.

Yeşim Tekstil’s investment in Ağrı to meet the demands of their customers from the global market was prepared as a part of the 3rd stage of Ağrı Tekstilkent Project. The company will increase their capacity and employment by manufacturing ready-to-wear in an area of 44 thousand square meters. In addition to the civil and administrative authorities, the company officials attended the ground breaking ceremony of the investment.

Yeşim Tekstil Ağrı investment will create 5000 jobs: a proud investment for the Turkish textile industry

Providing information about the investment that will increase the export power of the company, Yeşim Tekstil CEO Şenol Şankaya said that the production centre that will come to life is a proud investment for the Turkish textile industry. Şankaya announced that they will rapidly implement the planning for the machine park and employment for the factory to be constructed within the scope of the state incentive.

Şenol Şankaya said; “As in the past, Yeşim Tekstil will continue to be the main supplier of the world’s most trusted brands in the future. We are always ready to take all steps focused on this growth and development. As Yeşim, we employ more than 11 thousand people in our own facilities. With the investment in Ağrı, we will increase our total employment in 3 years and reach 16 thousand employees. Thus, we will have positioned ‘Made in Turkey’ as a brand all over the world through the dozens of brands we work with”.

Yeşim Tekstil started production in 1983; and is producing ready-to-wear and home textiles for world brands on a total area of 325 thousand square meters; with 144 thousand square meters closed and 181 thousand square meters open in Bursa.

Ağrı Tekstilkent Project consists of 3 phases

Ağrı is in the 6th region of the incentive and support system that has been formed; in order to encourage Turkey’s regional development. VAT exemption to investment done in this area; 50% tax reduction in the Organized Industrial Zone, 10 years of support to the employer for the insurance premiums; allocation of investment location and loan interest support are some of the incentives that are provided in this area.

Ağrı Tekstilkent Project, which started in 2017 and consists of 3 stages; has a total closed area of 50 thousand square meters. Some of the companies included in the first two phases of the project; which has an investment budget of 12 million TL; started production in 2018. Yeşim Tekstil’s 44 thousand square meters of ready-to-wear investment is expected to be completed within 3 years to start production.

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