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A new sublimation ink from Sun Chemical: ElvaJet Topaz SC

PrintingA new sublimation ink from Sun Chemical: ElvaJet Topaz SC

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Sun Chemical introduced ElvaJet Topaz SC, a new sublimation ink for digital textile production. The company’s new solution, built on a deep understanding of the textile and sublimation industry and experience in digital printing, provides easy ink and system management for printers in the sector. It increases the ease of use and printer experience by enlarging the ink operating window for accurate jetting performance. This enables wider cross-system compatibility delivering outstanding reliability and reducing the reliance on the waveform. At the same time, it provides increased image quality with optimized jetting performance across all drop sizes, allowing any design to be printed without compromise. With careful focus on the jetting behaviour, Sun Chemical has designed ElvaJet Topaz SC to have superior drop control at the different available drop sizes on the full range of Kyocera printheads ensuring that it is easier for everyday use.

A new sublimation ink from Sun Chemical: ElvaJet Topaz SC

ElvaJet Topaz SC reduces ink consumption

ElvaJet Topaz SC has high colour release from coated and uncoated transfer papers in addition to the ease of use for the operator. This helps to reduce waste through lower ink consumption and less colour remaining on the paper after transfer. Any fabric printed with this Eco-Passport by OEKOTEX certified solution with no restrictions does not need to be re-tested for compliance to the OekoTex Class 100 standard.

Sun Chemical Digital Businesses Global Director Pete Saunders said that many textile printers are searching for an ink solution that allows stress-free nonstop production and disclosed; “Sun Chemical has further enabled this by bringing together our knowledge of the textile and sublimation printing industry and combining it with our core inkjet competency to develop a sublimation ink that removes any need to compromise on colour, print quality or machine up-time”. Saunders added that this launch is just the latest in a program of new technologies being developed by Sun Chemical to optimize the experience of all digital textile printers with the best color, application and printer reliability, ensuring that printers can get the best result every time.

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