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Archivist: AI-powered solution to pattern archiving problems

PrintingArchivist: AI-powered solution to pattern archiving problems

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A.I.T. makes a difference in the textile industry by offering a fast and effective pattern archiving and management process with its new artificial intelligence powered product Archivist. While the big data era bringing with technological development increases the need for innovative products in the textile industry, A.I.T., Türkiye’s first and leading textile software developer, stands out with its effective solutions. The artificial intelligence-supported Archivist software represents a big step forward in digitising, tagging and classifying pattern archives, while enabling companies to increase their productivity and use their resources more effectively.

Pattern archiving in the textile industry faces a series of challenges that are increasingly complex and cannot be solved by traditional methods. The pattern archives, growing every year with the increase in production capacity, are becoming more and more difficult for designers to manage and archive. This also restricts data access, causing the designer to spend days or even weeks searching for a pattern in the archive, resulting in a significant waste of time. Technical issues such as inability to determine file locations, incomplete file naming standards, incompatible file types, and disruptions due to personnel changes make data management very difficult and inefficient. Artificial intelligence-supported archive solutions offered by A.I.T. put an end to these problems. Archivist, which effectively transforms pattern management processes in the textile industry, greatly facilitates classification, organisation and access by scanning pattern archives. Thanks to the artificial intelligence-powered search engine of this user-friendly platform, designers can access the patterns they want quickly and efficiently, thus minimising time loss in design processes.

Keep your archive always up to date with automatic pattern tagging

Among the prominent features of Archivist is the automatic tagging of patterns. This feature enables designers to categorise thousands or even millions of patterns quickly and efficiently. Using image processing technology and artificial intelligence algorithms, colours, motifs, pattern types and other features are analysed and automatically tagged. This makes file access easier and makes it possible to quickly find the pattern to be searched for. In addition, as new patterns are added or updated, the tagging process is automatically renewed, keeping the pattern archive always up-to-date.

Examples of patterns automatically tagged with Archivist   Image Source: A.I.T.
Examples of patterns automatically tagged with Archivist Image Source: A.I.T.

A new and efficient way to find patterns

One of the most remarkable features of this software is the ability to search for similar patterns. Thanks to the pattern search engine, a reference pattern can be scanned in an archive of hundreds of thousands of patterns and all similar patterns can be seen. Archivist can quickly find patterns similar to the desired pattern by using the tag data it obtains while classifying the patterns. Users can easily find out whether they have this pattern in their archives by searching for the patterns they have taken a picture of and uploaded. Thanks to this feature, designers can find the pattern they want without wasting time, making their design processes more efficient and effective. In addition, the elimination of processes such as purchasing patterns over and over again provides cost savings for companies.

Patterns are under Archivist guarantee

In addition to all these advantages in the pattern archiving process, A.I.T. Digital Marketing Specialist Melih Yıldız said that Archivist offers secure access to its users: “Patterns are treasures in the textile industry. Therefore, data security is vital. Our innovative archiving solution scans the patterns with encryption against possible data leaks, does not copy them and provides special service to each user”. Stating that the risks that may arise in case the designers leave the job are also prevented in this way, Yıldız explained: “In addition to Archivist, providing the easiest and most efficient management of pattern archives, our customers can create and report their patterns in seconds with our artificial intelligence supported Imagine, Repeater and Upscaler products, which are focused on textile and design, and can obtain high-resolution images. As A.I.T., we have been leading the technologies of the future with our long years of experience in the textile industry and our innovative approach. All our solutions, which we have developed specifically for the demands of the sector, increase the efficiency of our customers and improve their business processes, thereby enabling them to make a difference in their fields.”

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