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ARED Container City Project’s first batch departs for the earthquake zone

TopicalARED Container City Project’s first batch departs for the earthquake zone

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Production and shipment of containers to the region within the scope of the donation campaign initiated by the Sign Association of Turkey (ARED) for the Container City Project immediately after the Kahramanmaraş-based earthquakes that occurred on February 6, are ongoing. As part of the campaign carried out by ARED, the co-organiser of FESPA Eurasia, two trucks containing 14 living containers set off on February 21 with the coordination of AFAD to be delivered to the Hatay-Antakya Üçgedik Container City area.

Donation campaign of ARED for the Container City Project will continue until March 7

ARED President Şahin Acar said in his statement that they collected donations by putting forward the tent projects to be sent to the regions in need as of February 7, and on February 8, they shipped and installed the first batch of tents to Malatya with the coordination of AFAD. Acar stated that on the same day, they started the donation campaign ‘Let’s Build Our Container Cities Together’ for the citizens in the earthquake region and continued his words as follows:

“As the Board of Directors, we have decided to continue our campaign until March 7, 2023. We are currently collecting donations for our container city project in order to create a longer-term living space for our earthquake-affected citizens in the region. Meanwhile, we are preparing for the production and shipment of our containers to the region. The production of 14 survival containers in the first batch was completed and the first two trucks were loaded on February 21, 2023, under the guidance of our Antalya Provincial Representative Mehmet Atılgan and Corporate Communication Committee Chairperson Alper Tenşi and coordination of AFAD, and departed for delivery to Hatay-Antakya Üçgedik Container City area.”

Saying: “In these days of the disaster, we would like to thank all the people and organisations who contributed to our donation projects unconditionally and with all their means, and who did not leave our efforts to bring together the power of our stakeholders under the roof of ARED, the sole representative of our industry in Türkiye empty-handed,” Acar concluded his words as follows: “We believe that we will overcome these painful days to some extent with the strength that will arise from our unity. Our greatest supporter will be the solidarity we have established while healing the wounds caused by the earthquake. We would like to thank all our stakeholders for their loyalty and trust in ARED and their support for our work.”

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