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Benninger changes the conventional logic of finishing

ITMABenninger changes the conventional logic of finishing

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Benninger, which aims to become the complete system supplier with leading technology for continuous wet processing, discontinuous dyeing and remain the leader for solutions for the tire cord industry, will present its latest developments, which contribute a sustainable production, at ITMA 2023 on June 8-14. Among the solutions at the company’s booth A201 in Hall 18 are: the new Benninger jet dyeing machine Fabricmaster, the chemical dispensing system, CDS, the new Benninger-Küsters Cold Pad Batch (CPB) dyeing station for knitwear and the new Benninger singeing machine, SingeRay.

Benninger will present its all innovations contributing to ‘net zero’ production at Milano

The new Benninger jet dyeing machine Fabricmaster, with significantly low water consumption figures, allows discontinuous dyeing in a more sustainable way and ensures dramatically shorter process times. The chemical dispensing system, CDS, serves all kind of discontinuous and continuous machines in an accurate, unbeatable, and fast way. The new Benninger-Küsters CPB dyeing station for knitwear offers a salt-free cold dyeing process. The heart of the CPB system is the BENNINGER KÜSTERS DYPAD, which will also be presented again this year at the ITMA Milano. ‘100% made in Germany’ singeing machine SingeRay, equipped with 2 burners and a double nozzle strip, ensures perfect singeing effects, cost efficiency and uniform quality.

Complete solutions for textile wet-finishing and  jet dyeing  processes

Benninger supplies overall solutions for all important textile wet finishing processes, and they specialize in the continuous open-width treatment of woven and knitted fabrics, technical textiles as well as jet dyeing machines, jiggers, along with the complete and integrated dye house supply systems such as liquid dispensing, salt and soda ash distributing systems as well as dye staff distribution systems. Its portfolio also includes caustic soda recovery plants and waste-water heat recovery systems. Thanks to their comprehensive process know-how and deep engineering understanding they offer high-quality installations with quality customer service.

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