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Bilol Ltd. and Saurer Embroidery Introduce Innovations

Awarded with E3 label regarding Energy, Economy and Ergonomics, Saurer Embroidery introduced the advantageous innovative solution Epoca 7 to the market. Organized by Bilol Ltd., the seminars in Bursa and Çorlu grabbed great interest from Turkish textile manufacturers.

Bilol Ltd. introduced innovative embroidery systems Epoca 7 and Epoca 7 Pro to local textile manufacturers in two seminars held in Bursa and Çorlu as the Turkey representative of Saurer Embroidery. Many textile players from nearby regions as well as Bursa and Çorlu showed great interest towards the events in Bursa Hilton on November 15 and Çorlu Hilton Garden on November 17. Executives from Bilol Ltd. and Saurer Embroidery answered textile manufacturers’ questions in details.

Saurer Embroidery Head of Sales Vice President Thomas Benzer and Bilol Ltd. Sales Manager Celal Pozan pointed to the long history and success of the company in textile/embroidery while also explaining technical masteries of Epoca 7 and Epoca 7 Pro in detail. Benzer reminded that the previous model Epoca 6 proved to be successful in the market with sales of more than 730. The Epoca 7 impresses with its increase in productivity of up to 20% and its embroidery speed of up to 700 RPM (20 yds. machines), while it has been awarded the E³ label for triple added value.

About E3 concept carried by Saurer Group, Thomas Benzer noted, “This label has been created by the Saurer Group and stands for a triple added value, sustainable energy concept, highest economic efficiency and ergonomic solutions. We aim to focus on our customers’ requirements and combined with Saurer’s philosophy of innovation and sustainability, triple added value has been created. Energy savings of up to 5% are obtainable now while regarding economy, up to 20% increase in productivity, up to 18% increase in production speed, up to 30% increase in bore speed, new thread monitor with fast and precise thread-break recognition minimizes mending are other features. As for ergonomics, electronically adjustable machine parameters, simple and fast threading, convenient and efficient winding and fabric mounting are developed.”


Epoca 7 Will Boost Market Success Further

Thomas Benzer shared information about Epoca 7’s machinery structure and drive system.  “Thanks to solid bearing surfaces and a very robust construction that the new thread delivery works perfectly, even under the most extreme conditions. The system is complemented by the newly developed Pentafeed. The new lateral guiding of the thread guarantees best quality even with the most delicate yarns. Threading is fast and simple because of the straight thread path while thread breakage is lower.” He further noted that they have innovations for needle side as well. “The newly constructed manual Pentamat control (MPE) combines robustness and ergonomic design in an unprecedented way and thus improves your productivity. The 12 needles long Pentamat borer groups decrease first assembly duration. We have reduced the mass of the borer system. Increased distance between front and back bearings as well as independent unit for all needles every needle reduce wears on bearings. The new Pentamat housing sets itself apart because single components can be interchanged easily. Hence the housing does no longer need to be adjusted and set.”

Thomas Benzer said that they have reduced the mass of the borer system. This technique combined with the established direct drive has led to an increase in bore speed. New yarn threads are completely controlled with newly designed manual Pentamat system and thus a regular embroidery area without bouncing yarns, reduced stress on yarn, reduced activity in mass and significant increase in embroidery process are achieved. The new rulers for needles and borers are made from glass fibre reinforced composite material and are therefore extremely light. They guarantee complete stability and minimum wear and tear.

Settings are Ready for Best Quality

The Epoca 7 has a whole range of standard settings that represent a rooted experience in shuttle embroidery machine manufacturing. Outstanding embroidery quality is ready on a button touch. The embroidery process can be optimized at any time and for each type of yarn thanks to the electronically adjustable shuttle timing. The adaptation of the thread delivery does justice to diverse requirements regarding effects and fabrics. The correct amount of thread is delivered automatically and reliably without any tension.

The control unit system of the Epoca 7 contains highly dynamic servo drives “Made in Germany”. The control of the motors as well as the evaluation of the sensors is now carried out directly via a standardized field bus. This ensures that the control unit is up-to-date and ready for future expansion. Thanks to the addition of this latest technology, performance is increased and, at the same time, power loss in the control box is reduced by up to 20% at uniform speed.

A large panel PC with touch-screen guarantees convenient handling. The modern software is self-explanatory and gives a realistic 3D presentation of your designs as well as the embroidery progress. Any machine function can be easily carried out by a single touch of a button. You can retrieve, change and save machine settings, yarn parameters and embroidery programs. Designs are easily copied onto the machine with drag & drop.

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