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Brückner offers right solution for every process in floor covering

FinishingBrückner offers right solution for every process in floor covering

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BRÜCKNER, worldwide known for decades for its high-quality lines for textile finishing, also offers a wide range of lines for the carpet industry. For more than 70 years customers around the globe have been working with BRÜCKNER lines for coating, drying and finishing a wide variety of floor coverings. In recent years, a wide range of lines have been supplied for finishing tufted and woven carpets, as well as thermofusion ovens for needle felt and back coating lines for artificial turf.

BRÜCKNER lines offer the right unit for every process. Whether full bath impregnation for aqueous media, one-sided full-surface or dot application of latex and acrylate pastes, foam or paste application via various roller and knife blade systems for backing consolidation, application of laminating adhesive for a secondary backing and laminating units for wet laminating of the secondary back, the company has the right solution for every technology.

In addition to the application units, the portfolio naturally also includes corresponding drying systems. These include, for example, the SPLIT-FLOW dryers or the thermofusion ovens from the SUPRA-FLOW product line, which are also used for drying and heat-setting after digital printing or dyeing. The DUO-THERM dryer has been specially developed for drying coated floor coverings. It is particularly suitable for thermal treatment processes that require temperature separation between the upper and lower air.

BRÜCKNER provides advantages to their customers with a wide range of finishing lines for carpets and textile floor coverings   Image Source: Brückner
BRÜCKNER provides advantages to their customers with a wide range of finishing lines for carpets and textile floor coverings Image Source: Brückner

CO2-neutral production option with BRÜCKNER lines

Like all BRÜCKNER lines, the DUO-THERM dryer can be heated with different media: direct or indirect gas heating, thermal oil heating, steam heating in low- or high-pressure versions, electric heating or hybrid versions. A recently delivered BRÜCKNER line for drying recyclable floor coverings was equipped with a completely electrically heated DUO-THERM dryer. By operating the dryer with green electricity, the carpet manufacturer now has the option of CO2-neutral production of fully recyclable floor coverings.

BRÜCKNER essentially focuses on the development of sustainable and efficient products which provide minimizing the CO2 footprint, reducing resources and protecting the environment. This also includes heat recovery and exhaust air purification systems from the ECO product family, which are available in various sizes and different combinations. They can be supplied for new machines as well as retrofitted to existing lines from a wide range of manufacturers. Depending on the process and type of fabric, the ECO products contribute to a significant reduction in emissions and an increase in energy efficiency. Replacing dryers in existing lines can also considerably increase efficiency and productivity.

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