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BTSR passes for a ‘reliable’ partner with its advanced solutions

BTSR contributes to the efficiency, quality and cost advantages of textile manufacturers with its advanced systems.

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BTSR has come to the fore as a reliable partner with the solutions it has developed from yarn preparation processes to other production stages in the textile chain during the 25 years it has left behind in the sector. The Italy-based company offers efficiency, quality and cost savings in production by providing full control in the yarn and textile production process with its state-of-the-art equipment. BTSR, which has a widespread international distribution network in more than 30 countries, serves throughout the major markets, from Europe to North/South America and all Far East thanks to its global network.

BTSR’s solutions include electronic sensors and smart systems designed to meet the emerging needs for monitoring the yarn movement process, control of feed tension and control of main quality parameters of all yarn types, including traditional, elastomers, glass fibers and carbon fibers. Among the main application sectors of the solutions developed by the company; pantyhose and socks, knitting and medical production, yarn preparation process, upper shoes and sportswear, technical textile and carpet.

BTSR conducts the production process in two stages, controlling it at every step

Using the most modern machinery and equipment available in the market in its production department, BTSR carries out its production cycle through two stages. The first stage with the highest level of technological and robotic automation control; It includes the use of a limited and qualified labor and the use of fully automated lines for the mass production of the electronic components that form the core of the products. The second phase, mainly realized by humans, involves the testing, assembly, calibration and serial identification of all components, through organized workgroups, in order to keep track of the finished parts.

The company’s advanced production systems enable a controlled just-in-time production, which is of high importance in terms of product efficiency, and it can be met in real time any type of demanding order. Automatic assembly lines of electronic components based on SMT technology ensure high quality and a lot of electronic miniaturization for all BTSR products. All electronic boards assembled are checked in detail by the company’s Quality Control Center and meet the market.

BTSR passes for a ‘reliable’ partner with its advanced solutions

R&D studies continue for ‘Customer Satisfaction’

BTSR controls 100% of the production through sophisticated visual and ‘test-in-circuit’ instruments, in order to guarantee high quality standards. All BTSR products must pass several test stages along each testing line. Working in accordance with the Quality System guidelines, BTSR analyzes the demands and expectations of customers and offers appropriate solutions; It develops studies and projects on exclusive products that aim to ensure ‘Customer Satisfaction’ in R&D Laboratories. After the feasibility of the projects has been checked, in a department equipped with CAD tools, product engineering is carried out in both mechanics, design and ergonomics, as well as electronics, that is, PCB’s and special ‘custom’ components. Another team of engineers working in the R&D Software area is concerned with the ‘Software development’ process, which is at the core of all BTSR products.

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