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Durak Tekstil has increased its target in export markets by receiving Turquality Brand Support

SpinningDurak Tekstil has increased its target in export markets by receiving Turquality Brand Support

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Durak Tekstil, the leading manufacturer of industrial sewing and embroidery threads, technical and sustainable threads, achieved another important success in 2022, its 50th anniversary. The company was approved to participate in the Turquality Brand Support Program of the T.C. Ministry of Trade and surpassed an important threshold to successfully conclude the Turquality studies. Thanks to Brand Support, which aims to support Turkish companies to reach a more competitive and stronger position in the global market, Durak Tekstil will both increase its power in priority markets and provide significant foreign currency inflows to the Turkish economy.

Durak Tekstil Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Kuru stated that 153 companies in our country are approved to participate in the Brand Support Program within the scope of Turquality, and noted that receiving this prestigious and important support both makes them proud and puts a great responsibility on them. Reminding that the first preparatory work on Turquality started 5 years ago, Kuru said: “We came to the documentation stage a year ago and successfully progressed through the process. In order to be a Turquality candidate, you need to have a structure suitable for this. In this context, Durak Tekstil’s brand strength and its development, the brand’s know-how in new markets and the business plans for the future were the main subjects of review. For this, we have undergone serious reviews by an independent audit company and the ministry, and it has been confirmed that we meet international norms by getting high scores. The fact that we are receiving Brand Support is also a confirmation of our strong corporate structure, solid supply chain and innovation-oriented production and product development processes.”

Durak Tekstil Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Kuru

Brand Support will accelerate international operations

Hüseyin Kuru, expressing that Durak Tekstil is advancing with short, medium and long-term strategies and plans in both the local and global markets, emphasized that their international projections for the next 5 years are ready and Brand Support will enable them to be faster and more effective. Noting that the Brand Support period is 4 years, Kuru explained that during this period, they will focus on the 5 different country markets they have determined and they will receive investment support within the determined limits.

He remarked on Durak Tekstil’s international works within the scope of Turquality Brand Support, and continued his words as follows: “We will carry out operations aimed at promoting the Durak Tekstil brand abroad, entering high-potential markets and increasing its strength in existing markets. In this context, market research studies, organizing conferences and seminars on products and technical advantages, participation in important sectoral exhibitions, sales-oriented structuring and office openings in target country markets will be carried out.”

Kuru stated that Europe and America stand out among the main markets of Durak Tekstil, saying that they will not proceed with a specific product in these regions and they will operate with a wide product range according to the demand and opportunities in the market. He disclosed: “Durak Tekstil is currently reaching sales channels in more than 75 countries without Brand Support. In short, we are waving our flag in these countries. Thanks to the brand support, our range of activity in the markets we are in will expand. We will be able to expand to other regions apart from specific cities as well. We have already started our work with the information we received from the markets for this projection.”

Kuru, noting that the Brand Support is valid for a period of 4 years and that business plans and targets are created within this period, stated that the inspections will be carried out by the ministry during this process.

Durak Tekstil’s exports will double in 3 years

Durak Tekstil’s exports will double in 3 years

Hüseyin Kuru reminded that Durak Tekstil has been advancing with short, medium and long-term road maps for many years, saying that at the end of the next 3 years, they foresee their growth in exports doubling with the contribution of Brand Support.

He underlined that the Turquality process officially started with their approval into the Brand Support and concluded his words as follows: “Turquality supports are not grants or free services. The expenditure budget is presented within limits and within the framework of certain assignments, and a certain part is paid back later. Therefore, this support provided by the state puts us under serious responsibility on behalf of both our company and our country. Joining the Turquality Program, on the one hand, indicates important structural progress for the future of the company, on the other hand, is a national duty to contribute to our country’s economy. Every work we will do in this process will enable us to create greater added value for our country. Turquality and Brand Support increase our courage to develop new products and open up to new export markets.”

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