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Hanrun Paper in Türkiye for the first time at ITM 2024

AdvertorialHanrun Paper in Türkiye for the first time at ITM 2024

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Hanrun Paper, participating in an exhibition in Türkiye for the first time, will welcome their visitors at ITM 2024 in İstanbul to showcase their latest products and technologies, sharing expertise and innovation. At booth 505C in Hall 5, the leading Chinese digital printing brand will present its product portfolio covering a wide range of printing applications, including sublimation, DTF (Direct to Film), and UV printing, each tailored to meet diverse customer needs. Visitors will also have a chance to interact with the expert team and participate in the future of printing technology firsthand throughout the exhibition.

All the solutions you are searching for from entry-level to industrial

Established in 2009, Hanrun Paper is dedicated to providing professional solutions, printing equipment, and consumables to unleash creativity and achieve outstanding results for businesses. The sublimation paper series was the initial product line for the company. Today, they offer a comprehensive selection of sublimation papers to global printing professionals, ranging from 29g/31g/35g/45g low-gram industrial options to 50g/70g/100g/120g fast-drying types and 70g/90g/105g sticky sublimation papers. With unwavering focus on quality assurance, the brand has become synonymous with reliability and excellence, earning the trust of customers worldwide. Additionally, they offer a cost-effective entry-level HR-1301 sublimation printer suitable for beginners. It integrates halftone technology, micro-piezoelectric inkjet technology and an 8-color output system to comprehensively improve print quality in terms of color, granularity, fineness, etc.

Hanrun Paper UV 6003S UV DTF Roll-To-Roll Printer Image Source: Hanrun Paper
Hanrun Paper UV 6003S UV DTF Roll-To-Roll Printer Image Source: Hanrun Paper

In early 2020, they ventured into DTF digital printing technology. Since then, Hanrun Paper’s technical team has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation, garnering multiple patents and honors along the way. In 2021, their focus shifted towards investing in professional DTF printing equipment production lines, aiming to provide customers with diversified application solutions, stable mechanical performance, and high-quality inks and consumables. Currently, Hanrun Paper offers comprehensive DTF technology solutions, including small desktop applications, professional multicolor applications, and industrial-grade large-format applications, providing extensive technical support to customers.

UV printing represents another frontier in Hanrun Paper’s pursuit of innovation. Widely used in custom labels and advertising printing, UV printing offers countless possibilities, from creating 3D textures to incorporating intricate designs such as foil stamping and holography. With the company’s UV printing solutions, businesses can elevate their branding and product offerings, attracting target audiences with stunning visual effects and unparalleled quality.

Hanrun Paper DK A 30 DTF Printer with DK F 2938 Heat Press Image Source: Hanrun Paper
Hanrun Paper DK A 30 DTF Printer with DK F 2938 Heat Press Image Source: Hanrun Paper

Experience innovation, quality and reliability with Hanrun Paper

At Hanrun Paper, commitment to excellence extends beyond products to encompass all aspects of operations. The company has obtained ISO 9001 quality management standard certification, demonstrating its steadfast commitment to enhancing quality control and customer satisfaction. From rigorous product testing to robust service infrastructure, the company strives to ensure that every customer receives the best service. While pursuing innovative development, they also prioritise environmental protection and have obtained certifications such as FSC and OEKO-TEX. By continuously improving production processes and technologies, Hanrun Paper endeavours to minimise its environmental impact while enhancing product quality. Hanrun Paper argue that a successful company not only provides customers with safe, healthy, and high-quality products but also meets society’s environmental requirements, achieving a win-win situation for economic and social benefits.

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