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Durak Tekstil met with the sector in Kayseri, the centre of the mattress and furniture production

SpinningDurak Tekstil met with the sector in Kayseri, the centre of the mattress and furniture production

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Durak Tekstil, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial sewing and embroidery threads, strengthened its ties with its customers in the mattress and furniture sector and drew attention to the importance of vocational training with a two-day trip program in Kayseri. Durak Tekstil Brand Administrator Serhat Dilekçi, R&D and Quality Control Administrator Naime Sertaç Çavuşoğlu and Central and Southern Anatolia Regional Sales Administrator Erdinç Bolat participated in the event, which is of great importance for meeting with the sector.

The first stop of the Kayseri tour was the Turkish Textile Industry Employers’ Association (TTSİS) Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which is the only high school and university level school in Türkiye that manufactures mattresses. Throughout the trip, during which various departments at the school, including the mattress manufacturing department, were examined, detailed information about the school and its activities was provided by Osman Yücel, the School Principal, and Mehmet Çelik, the teacher who took an active role in this event. The presentation made by Serhat Dilekçi and Naime Sertaç Çavuşoğlu at the conference organized within the scope of the trip attracted great interest from the students. In the conference, details about the technologies used in thread production and Durak Tekstil’s high quality threads were discussed.

In the second stage of the Kayseri program, Durak Tekstil visited and met with purchasing, production, R&D, P&D and planning unit managers and administrative staff of Doqu Ev Tekstil San. and Tic. A.Ş. and Mundo Mattress companies. Durak Tekstil representatives made detailed presentations on threads and applications to the company officials during these visits. Doqu Home Tekstil San. and Tic. A.Ş., which is a part of Erciyes Holding, Purchasing Chief Emre Yetgin had a very warm meeting with Durak Tekstil representatives. On the other hand, the Durak Tekstil team, hosted by Mundo Mattress Business Manager Ömer Taşkın, one of the well-established companies of the mattress industry, closely examined the facility and made evaluations.

Durak Tekstil increases collaborations for the future of the sector

Durak Tekstil increases collaborations for the future of the sector

Serhat Dilekçi, commenting on the visits, said that Kayseri stands out with its high thread consumption amount due to its central position in the mattress and furniture sector. Stating that they attach great importance to this city as a company, Dilekçi disclosed: “National brands such as İstikbal, Bellona, Mondi, Yataş, Kilim Mobilya make production in this city. Kayseri alone realizes two-thirds of the turnover made within the borders of Central and Southeastern Anatolia region. In this context, our visits to the region were also an opportunity to confirm the strength of our ties with the market. It was a very useful two days in terms of both explaining our new solutions one-on-one and improving our mutual dialog.”

Dilekçi noted that Durak Tekstil attaches great importance to cooperation with educational institutions where the professionals of the future are trained and continued his words as follows: “The Turkish Textile Industry Employers’ Association Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which is unique in its field in our country, stands at an exemplary point as both an educational institution and a production center. Launched at the beginning of 2023, the quilting and mattress production park is where students and teachers work in cooperation and turn the technical knowledge they have learned into reality. We are also excited to meet here with young people and teachers who will shape the future of the mattress industry. At the conference, we shared our knowledge and experiences with them and received inspiring ideas from them. Questions about sewing and embroidery processes in technical and smart textile applications showed us that a very strong generation has arrived. We would like to thank the entire education community, especially the school principal Osman Yücel, for their support and participation.”

Osman Yücel, Principal of TTSİS Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, said that thanks to the visit of Durak Tekstil representatives and their presentation, teachers and students learned about thread production in the textile sector, innovations in weaving and R&D studies. Yücel stated: “The details of where the threads are used in the textile sector were introduced to our young people, who will be the employees of the sector in the near future, by Durak Tekstil officials, who are direct producers, with presentations and visual materials.” Pointing out that such school-business partnerships accelerate the adaptation process of students to the industry, Yücel continued his words as follows: “The sector’s visit to our school and informing the students positively motivates our students. Thanks to these activities that open the horizons of our students in the field of spinning and weaving, our students’ interest in new products and businesses increases. They realize the importance of being a sought-after employee in the industry in the future.”

We share the same quality and trust criteria with Doqu Home Textile

We share the same quality and trust criteria with Doqu Home Textile

Erdinç Bolat disclosed that Doqu Home Textile company is one of the leading textile enterprises not only in Kayseri but also in Türkiye and reminded that the company produces for both its own brand and international retailers. Bolat disclosed: “Doqu Home Textile company, which has a very important track and production capacity in the field of home textiles, was established in 2019. However, our cooperation with them dates back to 15 years ago, when the company was still producing under the roof of İstikbal. We continue to supply them Durabobbins 70/2 bobbin thread for their quilting works. Quality and trust are the main criteria for Doqu and we, as Durak Tekstil, will continue to provide them with the best support in this regard. In the meeting we held at the company, we not only discussed our current products and works, but also evaluated what can be done in terms of R&D and P&D. I can say that we are in complete harmony with Doqu and we have a strong synergy.”

Doqu Home Textile Purchasing Manager Emre Yetgin drew attention to the close cooperation between the two companies. Yetgin; “Durak Tekstil officials answered all our questions sincerely and candidly during the visit and created awareness in our factory regarding thread. In particular, eye-opening studies such as threads that provide balance and threads that conduct electricity attracted the attention of all our staff.” Stating that Durak Tekstil is fast in cooperation, solution-oriented and developing in price competition, Yetgin concluded his words as follows: “This visit was very helpful in getting to know Durak Tekstil more closely, and I would like to thank them for providing us with information about the thread sector.”

Durak Tekstil met with the sector in Kayseri, the centre of the mattress and furniture production

Mundo Mattress fully uses Durak Tekstil threads

Erdinç Bolat, stating that Mundo Mattress, located in Kayseri Free Industrial Zone, has been in the sector for numerous years, noted that the company has made serious investments in the field of mattresses and home textiles. Bolat concluded his words as follows: “As a 100% exporting company, Mundo Mattress is constantly increasing its production capacity. The companies prefer us because of our high quality, durable threads and fast service and we are very proud of this. We have been working together for five years since they started production and they use our mattress quilting threads Confil 60(3), Durafix 60 and Durabobbins 100/2. Thank you again for choosing fully Durak Tekstil threads in production and for hosting us.”

Mundo Mattress Business Manager Ömer Taşkın said that they were very pleased with the visit of Durak Tekstil officials and thanked them for their warm, strong communication, open-minded and honest approach. Noting that this visit brought their perspective on thread to a very different dimension, Taşkın said: “Durak Tekstil is a manufacturer company that is creative, conducts researches for the customer and the sector, works innovatively and contributes to our designs in terms of our production quality.” Pointing out that Durak Tekstil responds to the demands in a short time, and keeps its bond strong with the exchange of ideas and customer visits, Taşkın underlined that the customer-oriented perspective pleases them.

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