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Future of printing to be discussed at drupa cube

Trade FairsFuture of printing to be discussed at drupa cube

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drupa, one of the most important global platforms for the paper and printing industry, will host sector professionals in Düsseldorf on May 28 – June 7. At the exhibition, which is a hub where the most important trends are examined and evaluated from different perspectives in an interdisciplinary manner, the cube programme will once again be the central discussion forum for print and packaging leaders. Internationally renowned top speakers will inspire visitors with a visionary range of topics and thought-provoking presentations and panel discussions in support of the cube’s goal to Engage, Entertain and Educate the drupa audience. Located in Hall 6 during the exhibition, the cube will also be a unique knowledge transfer and networking hub.

Some of the topics to be discussed at the conference include: Why print is more important than ever in the digital age? Why don’t consumers always see print products as sustainable? And how can you calculate your carbon footprint? The drupa cube provides inspiration and expertise in more than 50 sessions. The agenda includes 5 impressive Keynote presentations plus sessions focused on boosting business success, the Circular Economy and Sustainability plus print and packaging futures along with sessions on new business models and trends. Speakers will share best practice examples and will discuss the global megatrends that have already influenced and will continue to affect the print and packaging industry. Guest speakers will include not only thought leaders from the print industry, but also personalities from advertising agencies, market research, academia, consulting and professional trade associations. The drupa cube will once again bring together industry experts and visionaries from all over the world with presentations and panels typically lasting around 45 minutes.

Baskının geleceği drupa cube’de müzakere edilecek  Görsel Kaynak: drupa
drupa cube will be the scene of seminal discussions  Image Source: drupa

drupa cube will be the scene of seminal discussions 

The more thought and effort you invest in communicating something, the more convincing the message will be: this is the thesis of Rory Sutherland, one of the headline speakers at this year’s drupa. As Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, one of the world’s most influential advertising agencies, Sutherland has left a lasting mark on the industry. In the cube programme, he will show why print is more important than ever in the Digital Age. Samir Husni (aka ‘Mr. Magazine’) will also present on editorial credibility and value in the Digital Age where truth and validity of social media content is often questionable and has led to a lack of trust among consumers.

Mark Maslin, a renowned scientist and Professor of Earth Systems Science at University College London (UCL), is a highly anticipated speaker. His work is particularly relevant at a time when climate change is a global challenge. In his keynote speech, he will discuss the effects of climate change, the consequences for the future and the responsibility that commercial organisations have in saving our planet. He will also discuss specifically, the role of the printing industry in helping to achieve sustainability goals.

Calvin Lakhan, Ph.D., is a research scientist at York University in Toronto, Canada, and promises to give the drupa cube audience a fascinating insight into his work. Lakhan is a specialist in environmental science, with a focus on waste management, recycling and sustainability.  He is part of the ‘Waste Wiki’ project, aiming to bridge the gap between academia, industry and government on waste management issues to promote the circular economy.

Another keynote speaker is James Loudon, a founding Partner of IoT One who consults companies on global business ecosystems. Loudon will talk about Asian markets as a source of growth and innovation. Loudon has spent more than 40 percent of his life in Asia and will share his insights and experiences of working with multinational companies looking to grow in new markets and new approaches to partnering in those growth markets in the drupa cube. In the scope of the programme, there will be numerous other important names also included.

Four key themes with deep content

The programme in the drupa cube comprises four exciting themes. The ‘Print and Packaging Futures’ sessions will focus on visions for developments in print and packaging technologies, with an emphasis on innovation, the circular economy and sustainability, as well as innovations in digital printing. The leadership audience at the cube will also benefit from the ‘Business Boosters’ sessions. These sessions cover a range of topics including sales, marketing and innovation culture all aiming to give actionable insights to the audience. The ‘Trends’ cube sessions offer insights on global trends and emerging business models that can help companies planning for evolution and transformation as part of their strategy. This year’s programme also places a strong focus on the key topics and challenges of the future ‘The Circular Economy and Sustainability’, with sessions dedicated to this theme and many sessions incorporating it.

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