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German machinery manufacturers will meet with visitors at ITMA Asia

VDMA member companies will take part in the ITMA Asia + CITME with 56 exhibitors.

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Germany, which took part in the ITMA Asia + CITME to be held at the National Fair and Congress Center with 99 exhibitors in 2018, will be at the fairground with 56 exhibitors this year due to the pandemic and travel restrictions. Although the booked space of German nachinery manufacturers has decreased by almost half compared to 2018, Germany is still the second largest exhibitor country after China.

At the virtual VDMA press conference in early June, VDMA member companies, including Oerlikon and Truetzschler, introduced their prominent solutions for the Asian market. André Wissenberg from Oerlikon Polymer Processing Solutions Division said that Oerlikon will present attractive offers to its customers and visitors in the field of synthetic fibre production at the fair. Wissenberg explained that one of the highlights of Oerlikon will be the next generation of DTY eAFK Evo with up to 25% energy saving and up to 30% higher production speed, easy maintenance and best yarn quality.

German machinery manufacturers will take place at ITMA Asia with their wide product portfolio

Harald Schoepp from Truetzschler stated that the company will present a selection of exciting innovations from the spinning, card clothing, man-made fibre and nonwoven segments. Schoepp said; “Newly launched products will establish new benchmarks in terms of productivity, quality and efficiency”.

KARL MAYER Group will present innovations in warp knitting, flat knitting, weaving, warp preparation and digital solutions with its three strong brands KARL MAYER, STOLL and KM.ON. Developing digital offerings for all its machine segments and services, KARL MAYER’s portfolio also includes a dashboard for remote access to data from networked machines and a product for highly flexible, simple patterning through data transfer directly from the cloud.

Both physical and virtual booth

Groz-Beckert will present new products from all six product areas, both physically and in an extended form via augmented reality. The company will not only host its guests at its booth C31, in Hall 4, but also invite all visitors who could not attend the fair to its virtual booth.

The holistic system supplier for modern dye houses, Thies GmbH & Co. KG provides the right machinery and auxiliary supply systems for each individual application purpose. It also serves as a consultant on layout, engineering and automation to meet customer needs with regards to Industry 4.0 solutions.

Automation solutions to be introduced at the fair respond to growing demand

While more and more Asian customers are interested in automation solutions, German machinery manufacturers are introducing innovations in this field with automation solutions for growing demand. Saurer is meeting the growing demand for cost-effective automation both in spinning and twisting/cabling mills, with automation innovations within single machines and extending across entire textile mills. The well-known E3 attributes of the Saurer design philosophy; energy, economy and ergonomics, are enhanced by intelligent technologies that address pressing issues related to labour and ergonomics.

Lenze will take place with automation solutions at the ITMA Asia and will introduce integrated engineering tools and software modules, automation systems and digital services. They use the digital twin to significantly accelerate development processes and, for example, reduce unplanned downtime and improve OEE by supporting condition monitoring or asset management.

German machinery manufacturers will meet with visitors at ITMA Asia
German machinery manufacturers will meet with visitors at ITMA Asia

Innovations in knitting and weft from German machinery manufacturers

Introducing the latest developments in braiding technologies to the participants, the focus of HERZOG’s solutions is medical technology, climbing and safety ropes, as well as marine and offshore ropes. Sebastian Stolle also stated that the local sales team in China will be supported online by their experienced colleagues from Germany.

Mahlo will meet visitors with its product range that includes measurement and control technology solutions for the textile, coating, extrusion, film and paper industry. Stephan Kehry from Mahlo commented; “With the best scanner range in the market and over 75 years of experience, Mahlo, the inventor of weft straightening, is also leading the way in terms of data management. Making relevant data available wherever it is needed is the overall task of the industry all around the globe. For many years, this approach has also been defining the pace of the German family business in the 3rd generation”.

Neuenhauser’s focus at ITMA Asia will be Industry 4.0. Jörg Neyer relayed that the Neuenhauser Textile Division is moving forward to Industry 4.0, referring to higher quality standards and increasing personnel costs in spinning and weaving mills. Neuenhauser will present its famous products such as travelling cleaners, warp beams, batch winders, transport vehicles, transport automation and grinding machines, as well as the latest generation of automotive guided vehicles (AGV) for round cans, square cans and batch transport.

Digitalization and sustainability are at the forefront for textile finishing companies

The focus of textile finishing companies is digitalization and sustainability. Andreas Hannes from Sedo Treepoint said that the textile finishing industry requires advanced technology to digitize the manufacturing process. Expressing that there is a growing need and awareness for more sustainable textiles, Hannes stated that Sedo Treepoint offers integrated systems, which will further contribute to a more sustainable production and help to improve production management and efficiency.

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