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Groz-Beckert sewing needles provide an easy and quick solution

Auxiliary MaterialsGroz-Beckert sewing needles provide an easy and quick solution

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Offering advanced textile technologies and solutions, Groz-Beckert sewing needles allow a large number of sewing applications with 3,000 different options in its portfolio. The company announced its Customer Portal for the first time in 2015 so that users can easily choose the right needles for the right purpose among so many options. The portal has continued to expand since then and allows customers from almost all over the world to access a wealth of information on needles and sewing. An online ordering function is also available. The fact that half of the total sales in 2020 came from orders on the Customer Portal clearly demonstrates the functionality of the platform in this regard, on the other hand, reveals the need for it.

While it is very important to choose the appropriate needle for sensitive and challenging sewing applications, if the appropriate needle for the application is not used, problems such as skipped stitches, material damage and seam puckering may occur. Groz-Beckert responds to the needs of users in this regard with its Customer Portal, which it constantly develops, providing easy access to detailed information about each needle and the opportunity to make appropriate selections.

All information about Groz-Beckert sewing needles in your pocket

The Customer Portal Sewing was recently switched to a technically upgraded version and optimized for use on mobile devices. Another innovation Groz-Beckert has added to the app is the individual start page, which shows recent orders and most frequently-purchased products. The personal customer account offers views, analysis and a dashboard displaying all relevant details about purchases. Users can immediately see the prices and availability of needles when they log in.

The product catalogue has been enhanced with new and optimized functions to find the right needles faster, while the product detail page gives extensive information on the selected needle. In addition to the technical details and the available point styles, users can also identify suitable applications for each needle.

Groz-Beckert sewing needles provide an easy and quick solution
Groz-Beckert sewing needles provide an easy and quick solution

Special solutions for different needs

Among Groz-Beckert sewing needles, SAN® 5.2, SAN® 6, SAN® 10 and SAN® 10 XS descriptively show the key components in needle selection for the application area. SAN® 5.2, the 2nd-generation sewing machine needle had been developed for technical textiles. Sophisticated needles are a must in technical textiles for countless applications such as airbags, carrying straps, car seats, upholstered furniture, protective clothing, sun protection systems. SAN® 5.2 provides great stability through special blade reinforcement, reliable loop pick-up for a greater safeguard against skipped stitches, uniform seam appearance and constantly gentle handling of the sewn fabric.

Specially designed for denim sewing, SAN® 6 offers an effective solution for thread breakage and skipped stitches, which are frequently encountered in this field. SAN® 6 needles have a larger eye, which enables the thicker threads mostly used for this kind of application to slide through smoothly. Thicker threads can be used without increasing the needle size. The solution for skipped stitches is the Loop Control® geometry offering increased security.

Delicate touch on fine fabrics

SAN® 10 and SAN® 10 XS special application needles, designed for the fine and finest fabrics, offer gentle and stable sewing. SAN® 10 combines the requirements regarding protection of the material and needle stability. Its slim design results in a reduced cross-section in the eye area, reducing the stress on the material as the needle penetrates it. At the same time, the special geometry in the blade area offers sufficient needle stability to avoid needle breakages. SAN® 10 XS is even more gentle on the material. The cylindrical blade enables a very gentle penetration of the material by the needle.

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