HASSAN Group Will Introduce ‘Green’ Concept at INDEX 17

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HASSAN Group Will Introduce ‘Green’ Concept at INDEX 17
HASSAN Group Will Introduce ‘Green’ Concept at INDEX 17

Having a wide brand and product portfolio, HASSAN Group will attract attention with its sustainability-oriented solutions at INDEX 17.

Possessing a rooted history, HASSAN Group will highlight its leading power in the sector at INDEX 17. Gathering TELASİS, PELSAN, TEKSİS, MERKAS, HASSAN, HASPAŞ, ŞİTEKS and CATSİS brands under its roof performing works on nonwoven sector, the group has an important place of sector’s becoming industrialized. Producing nonwoven products especially for hygiene and medical industries and offers many solutions such as geotextiles, automotive, isolation, garment & furniture, Group will share its sustainability oriented & bio based solutions with the sector as well.

Informing about their attendance to INDEX 17, Ali Şişman, Managing Director of Hygiene & Medical of Hassan Group, emphasized that the key to permanence in the sector is “innovation”. Saying that they keep going on making big investments on product development and R&D in order to make a difference, Şişman expressed that their new product and solutions will take place at INDEX 17. Ali Şişman continued thusly; “Mainly the products we will present are directed to hygiene, medical, automotive and industrial sectors. Our fundamental difference separates us from the other firms. Our unique “soft” products will meet our visitors as usual.

Apart from that, there will be our ‘Green’ concept that we will launch at INDEX for the first time. We have eco-friendly, bio-based new products enabling recycling that we will present with “You are Green with Hassan Group” motto. We will be waiting all visitors that wish to meet Hassan Group’s innovative products and cares for novelty and future at our booth.”

We Have Great Expectations from INDEX 17!

Stating that they have high expectations from INDEX 17 for which they are prepared with seriousness, Ali Şişman listed their aims as; meeting the current customers, introducing new products, evaluating new trend inclinations closely at all hands and observing the reactions. Highlighting that their main goal is developing their customer portfolio, Şişman reminded that they already export to more than 60 countries in 5 continents, said; “With our wide product and service range, we certainly believe that there are still unexplored markets in the world.”

Expressing that global nonwoven sector’s key players are coming together once every three years at INDEX fair, Ali Şişman recorded that the fair is an important meeting platform that provides great advantages for presenting innovations to the sector. Şişman continued thusly; “The fact that 2014 edition of the fair gathered approximately 12,500 visitors from a hundred different countries was a great success. INDEX is a fair that contributes visitors and attendees with its sectoral seminars organized with EDANA’s cooperation. Aside from this support, it also allows for creating new trading connections, exploring new markets and having new experiences.”

HASSAN Will Reflect Its Corporate Identity at the Booth

Giving information about their booth at INDEX 17, Ali Şişman explained that they will reflect the design and color identified with HASSAN Group at their booth, this year as well. Şişman stated; “As HASSAN Group we believe the luck and power of the colors; we generally have a design-oriented, minimalist, modern and elegant concept that we apply at all fairs we attend to. At INDEX 17 Fair, we will have a dynamic concept; where we bring black’s nobility, red’s appeal and white’s purity together with wooden’s warmth. Since we consider every fair that we take place as an exhibitor an investment to the brand & our group without discriminating it as big or small, we always approach to the construction with the same sensibility.”

Sectoral Growth Continued in 2016

Explaining that HASSAN Group had a successful year for exportation in 2016; Ali Şişman said that they achieved a parallel growth with nonwoven production in the world. Saying that they closed 2016 with a volumetrical growth higher than sectoral average compared to 2015; Şişman stated that this is a very important success in the sector where a very high competition occurs. Expressing that HASSAN Group is one of the biggest nonwoven manufacturers with its production volume; Ali Şişman made these statements about 2017;

“We will keep on working increasing our tempo in 2017, in this direction; our biggest expectation is to present new added value products to the sector. There will be new investments aiming for increasing our capacity in this year. As HASSAN Group, we believe that success is no coincidence. That’s why, we will keep on working with our 8 different facilities, sectoral knowledge saving and our belief to R&D. We aim to increase not only our but also our country’s global competition power; with the works oriented to be the pioneer in the sector instead of being a follower. ”

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