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Impres chooses the high quality Epson digital printing for leather

Impres based in Tuscany (Italy) gets Epson’s Monna Lisa Evo Tre system and the Genesta Acid inks.

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Impres is an historical company specialised in leather processing – based in the heart of a leading Tuscan leather manufacturing district in Italy. The company choose the high quality of Epson’s Monna Lisa Evo Tre and its Genesta Acid inks to obtain an almost absolute natural effect on non-pigmented leather, such as nubuck, suede and full-grain leather.

Impres has always ensured to its clients excellent quality, exclusive design and a transparent printing process. However, creating new patterns with classical methods or paper transfer each time entails lengthy system preparation and processing, besides requiring rather high minimum order quantities (orders for materials placed with external suppliers) with subsequently high warehouse costs. Hence, Impres has entered the large format digital scene for direct printing on leather, thus shortening processing times with a significant cost reduction. The final product’s superior quality is always guaranteed.

Digital opportunities through Monna Lisa Evo Tre

Thanks to Monna Lisa, today Impres offers high quality processed products at attractive prices, as well as production processes tailored to meet client requirements. Impres is now also able to propose exclusive items with an all-inclusive processing package spanning the entire production process, from sampling to the finished product, including graphics.

Sole Director at Impres, Silvano Impastato said; “Epson, partnered by Fratelli Robustelli, was one of the first companies to gain direct experience of leather printing. From the onset we realised that Monna Lisa would meet all our requirements, considering its user-friendly settings and management combined with a solid structure”.

Unstoppable tank of printing

“When we approached Monna Lisa, sector experts considered these printers “the tanks of digital printing”, machines that never stop; and which guarantee a superior quality product. But what made the difference, for us, was also the peace of mind associated with partnering a leading and reliable company that was both helpful and flexible, promptly responding to the particular demands of our reference market with custom-designed solutions for every production-related need”.

On average, Impres processes 100,000 square meter of leather a month, 10,000 of which are digitally printed. Digital printing accounts for 10-25% of the overall production, achieving even 50% of the turnover; if we also count the use of UV machines in the production process. Impastato continued his words saying; “Monna Lisa has undoubtedly been the best choice for us, and the early production has not disappointed expectations. Considering the extremely positive experience; we are already evaluating to have a second Monna Lisa textile digital printer in order to ensure high-yield continuous production”.

Impres chooses the high quality Epson digital printing for leather
Impres chooses the high quality Epson digital printing for leather

Exceptional quality and precision with Monna Lisa Evo Tre 32

The Monna Lisa Evo Tre 32, developed by Epson and Fratelli Robustelli; combines the high quality standards required by the haute couture fashion sector; with the productivity demanded by the frantic pace of the current fashion market. The innovative proprietary Epson PrecisionCore printing technology; incorporated for the first time in the Monna Lisa Evo Tre series; enables printers to combine unmatched quality and high productivity with even greater reliability. These features make the printer one of the most versatile digital textile printers on the market.

One of the most important qualities of Monna Lisa Evo Tre is its flexibility. It provides users with a single printer to meet a variety of different production needs. It can print on any type of fabric and leather; from the simplest to the most complex designs, with speed and perfect repeatability.

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