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ISKO presents ‘Born to Amaze’ collection to the luxury fashion world

WeavingISKO presents ‘Born to Amaze’ collection to the luxury fashion world

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ISKO, one of Türkiye’s leading denim fabric manufacturers, continues to develop strong ties with the fashion world. The ‘Born to Amaze’ denim collection of exclusive creations for the luxury segment, produced by ISKO in cooperation with Paolo Gnutti, left its mark on the Première Vision in New York on July 19-20.

An exciting collaboration is taking the denim fashion world to the next level as ISKO teams up with Paolo Gnutti, to break exciting new ground in the world of premium, luxury denim. As a result of the combination of ISKO’s advanced denim Technologies with PG’s creative vision, a special ISKO™ Luxury collection by PG, characterised by a unique high-end appeal was created.

ISKO presents ‘Born to Amaze’ collection to the luxury fashion world

ISKO Denim’s technological innovations meet Paolo Gnutti’s expertise 

The collection, having a high-profile aesthetic according to the unique needs of the luxury segment through 7 main moods, brings together ISKO’s most revolutionary technological innovations and Paolo Gnutti’s long-standing expertise. These moods are:

  • Denim addicted; celebrating total denim looks, offering classic silhouettes mixed up with revised volumes and details.
  • Y2k; bringing back the 2000s typical style featuring exposed skin, low waist pants, micro tops, mini skirts, shrunken garments, butterfly decorations and embellishments.
  • Fanaticism; featuring bright, bold colours, intricate prints and logos combined with details that meet ample volume styles.
  • Bounder glam; is all about glammed-up leather effects inspired by bikers’ unapologetic style and applied to oversize fits, cutouts and lace-ups styles.
  • Moto’roll; where the iconic 60s and 70s biker style is back with a modern twist and a vast range of treatments and fabrics, offering men and women true crowd-pleasers.
  • Gingham mania; is an in-depth exploration of the gingham trend which finds expression through various dimensions and techniques that cater to any silhouette.
  • Rugged re-made; celebrates workwear and historical garments creating a style that combines history with technologies, solutions and treatments to recreate that vintage look dear to the heart of lovers of denim heritage.

PG founder Paolo Gnutti said: “The collaboration with ISKO is exciting on so many levels. Because together we can really take the premium sector to the next level thanks to the company’s pioneering and game-changing technologies. As a result, the luxury aesthetic will feature new and exclusive fabrics that will bring a unique twist to the world of fashionable luxury denim.”

ISKO Strategic Projects Director Marco Lucietti disclosed that seeing one of the most appreciated figures in the denim community and ISKO teamed up is really exciting. Lucietti continued: “It is such a great time for denim, innovation and creativity and we are very thrilled to be paving the way for the whole industry with the most revolutionary technological innovation mixed with Paolo’s creative touch which we know will bring out the very best of ISKO denim’s qualities.”

ISKO is a part of Sanko Group’s textile division, Sanko Tekstil, and has a strong global presence in 36 countries in 60 international locations.

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