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Itema meets weavers from Surat Region at SITEX 2024 

WeavingItema meets weavers from Surat Region at SITEX 2024 

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Itema, one of the global leading suppliers of advanced weaving solutions including weaving machines, OEM spare parts and integrated services, continues to strengthen its ties with the Indian market. Participating in SITEX 2024 held at Surat International Exhibition and Convention Centre (SIECC) on January 6-8th, the company highlighted its solutions and underlined its presence in Surat Region at its booth 231.

Itema is the leading supplier of rapier machines in South Gujarat, enabling weavers in Surat to produce the finest in ornate, sophisticated and fashionable Saree and women’s dress fabrics. Itema solutions are the first choice of manufacturers for their excellent versatility and superior textile finesse. The impressively high number of Itema rapier R9500 and R9000 family models installed in factories in the Surat region proves that Itema weaving technology is the main choice for weavers to produce fabrics made with different yarns and weaving patterns.

Itema Surat Bölgesi’ndeki dokumacılarla SITEX 2024’te buluştu  Görsel Kaynak: Itema
“We are proud to be the preferred supplier of weaving machines in Surat” Image Source: Itema

“We are proud to be the preferred supplier of weaving machines in Surat”

Itema Weaving India General Manager Sales Sammeer Kulkarni said; “We can proudly confirm that Itema is the preferred supplier of high-end weaving machines in Surat District”. Stating that in 2023, Surat weavers placed a significant number of orders to Itema for advanced rapier weaving machines, he noted that this confirms Itema’s presence in the market and also the modernisation of the region’s textile industry. He disclosed: “SITEX is the perfect occasion to meet our customers, discussing new projects and future developments.”

Itema exhibited at SITEX a rapier R9500-2 weaving machine with a weaving width of 3800 mm and equipped with a Stäubli LX PRO with a 6144 hook jacquard shedding machine. Displayed at the Stäubli booth, this weaving machine wove a fabric traditionally produced in mills in the region during the exhibition and is configured to meet the production needs of local weavers.  

In addition to the R9500-2 on display, Itema staff were there throughout the exhibition to show visitors all weaving innovations and the latest company updates. The Itema (and previous brands – Somet, Vamatex and Sulzer) spare parts and after-sales advanced solutions such as customized upgrade kits to optimize machine performance and retrofit latest Itema innovations on existing looms and electric, electronic and mechanic repairs that give a new life to weaving machines were shared with the visitors.

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