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Itema met the Indian market at SITEX

WeavingItema met the Indian market at SITEX

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Itema, one of the leading global suppliers of advanced weaving solutions including weaving machines, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spare parts and integrated services, introduced their newest solutions for the Indian market at SITEX Surat International Textile Expo 2022. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the Itema rapier R95002 weaving machine on-site during the expo held at Surat International Exhibition and Convention Centre (SIECC). SITEX was also the official launch of the partnership between Itema and the leading Italian circular knitting machines manufacturer Cesare Colosio for the marketing and distribution of the company’s highly innovative machines in India.

Itema responds to demands of local weavers

Itema showcased a rapier R95002 weaving machine, in weaving width 3800mm and equipped with a Stäubli LXM 5376 hooks Jacquard shedding machine at SITEX. The machine on display in Stäubli booth wove a fabric traditionally produced in the mills of the Region and was configured to meet the local weavers’ production needs.

Moreover, the Itema staff was on place to illustrate all the weaving innovations and the latest company updates to visitors. The Itema (and previous brands – Somet, Vamatex and Sulzer) spare parts and after-sales advanced solutions had a dedicated focus with the possibility to discover all the opportunities to give new life to looms. Among these were opportunities such as; customized upgrade kits to optimize machine performance and retrofit the latest Itema innovations on existing looms and electric, electronic and mechanic repairs.

Itema met the Indian market at SITEX

Itema, the choice of Surat weavers

Surat Region, an important market for Itema, produces 25 million metres of fabrics daily and is recognized as the hub for the production of synthetic textiles. Itema is today the leading supplier of rapier weaving technology in the region with their rapier machines which guarantee Surat weavers to produce at best their fancy, sophisticated and fashionable Saree and women dress fabrics. Lots of Itema rapier R9500 and R9000 family models are installed in Surat factories and weavers prefer Itema weaving technology to produce fabrics made with different yarns and weaving patterns.

Itema has been operating in India with a fully-operational branch since 2002, counting more than 50 employees, with sales and after-sales teams, technical support and advanced repair centres to ensure the highest possible standard of weaving solutions. Itema is a trusted partner of many Indian weaving mills, from large textile conglomerates to smaller textile manufacturers, providing the most advanced and user-friendly weaving technology and real-time assistance, from the initial negotiation stage and throughout the whole machine life cycle.

The most positive negative rapier machine on the market

The Itema R95002 is known as the most positive negative rapier machine on the market, thanks to the uniqueness of its weft transfer system offering an unmatched variety of yarns and patterns. Dedicated apparatuses have been developed and added to the R95002’s already durable and flexible sole through excellent lock reinforcement and fundamental advances to excel in the weaving of technical fabrics. R95002 is equipped with devices optimized to achieve superior precision to weave even the most delicate weft and warp monofilament yarns, maximum durability to handle the heaviest fabrics with ease, and best-in-class performance in terms of fabric quality and machine efficiency depending on the application.

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