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TopicalKonica Minolta-Gentili Mosconi partnership starts to bear fruit

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Konica Minolta, one of the global leaders in the production of digital printing systems and Gentili Mosconi, a major group in the fashion market serving the main international players in the luxury world, announced their partnership a few months ago. The agreement is to combine Konica Minolta’s technological experience and vocation for innovation with Gentili Mosconi’s technical design skills and attention to detail, in order to optimize high-quality standards, also from the point of view of sustainability. The synergy between the two entities has yielded successful results in the development of technologies intended for fabrics for prêt-a-porter and accessories collections, and the companies are now preparing to enter phase 2. The successful results of the partnership between Konica Minolta and Gentili Mosconi are leading to the development of innovative technologies for digital printing of textiles.

Konica Minolta Inkjet Textile Director Enrico Verga Image Source: Textilegence

Konica Minolta will soon be ready to sell the product globally

In recent months Gentili Mosconi has been testing the production of its fabrics for the high-end luxury market through the already well-known and appreciated Nassenger 8, the Konica Minolta System at the forefront of Digital Textile Printing, capable of offering professionals in the sector maximum precision and quality, short printing times and ease of use. 

The real innovation, however, involved the introduction into the printing process of a new way of handling in-line pre-treatment, capable of skipping the fabric pre-treatment stage altogether, coming directly to the printing stage. Thanks to this technology it has been possible to reduce process steps, thus increasing printing speed, produce more sustainably, reducing water consumption, and make efficiencies by limiting the use of materials, inks and energy. 

Both companies are working on fine tuning respect to Reactive Ink. If the results are positive, further testing will then follow regarding the other chemistries: acid and dispersed inks. Currently, the companies are in a fine-tuning phase and it is expected that Konica Minolta will soon be ready to sell the product globally.

“This is just the beginning of a long path”

CEO and founder of Gentili Mosconi, Francesco Gentili made a statement about this cooperation as follows: “We are honored to have been chosen by Konica Minolta as a strategic partner to develop together new innovative solutions for digital printing. It is a prestigious collaboration for us, of international scope, which validates our innovative capacity and know-how in printed fabrics for prêt-a-porter, strengthening the Group’s positioning as a reference player in high fashion, with an increasingly personalized offer that combines technology and innovation with craftsmanship and attention to detail.”

Konica Minolta Inkjet Textile Director Enrico Verga said that they are pleased to have entered into an agreement with such a prestigious partner as Gentili Mosconi, a worldwide reference for prêt-a-porter and continued: “Thanks to this partnership we are jointly developing new solutions that can really improve the production process; by combining our know-how with that of Gentili Mosconi we will realize the desired goals, always leaving the doors open to further technological developments. We are confident that this is just the beginning of a long path of fruitful cooperation for both companies.”

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