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Kornit Apollo is officially on the field

PrintingKornit Apollo is officially on the field

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Kornit Digital LTD. one of the leading brands in sustainable, on-demand digital fashion and textile printing technologies, announced that Kornit Apollo, is now commercially available.  After a rigorous 4.5-year development phase and extensive beta testing with three industry leaders including excelling in real-time production during the peak season, Kornit Apollo has delivered on its promise of quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Successful field implementations underscore the transformative nature of Apollo for on-demand sustainable production at an industrial scale. Apollo has the capacity to decorate more than 1.5 million garments annually with a single operator. Backed by an advanced, proprietary automation system, the platform integrates versatile smart drying, concurrently managing various garment types with the proficiency of up to 400 garments per hour. The Apollo system is also extremely flexible, with the ability to scale on-demand and handle both bulk and one-offs. The heart of Apollo’s power lies in the patented MAX technology, which ensures colour accuracy to PANTONE© and spot colours, elevating the quality to its maximum.

Kornit Apollo gerçek anlamda sahaya indi  Görsel Kaynak: Kornit Digital
Kornit Apollo signals a new horizon for onshore and nearshore production Image Source: Kornit Digital

“Apollo enabled us to easily meet increased demand with 24/7 availability”

According to Scott Valancy, COO at T-Shirt Central, one of Apollo’s beta sites: “Kornit is a long-time partner, and we were happy to be an early adopter of the Apollo system. Much like other Kornit solutions, we’re very pleased with the system’s performance. Our team was not only impressed by its performance throughout the peak season, but also its ability to easily connect across our automation system to deliver vibrant, high-quality prints. Apollo enabled us to easily meet increased demand with 24/7 availability without missing a beat. Looking ahead, we’re excited to take the next step with Kornit, leveraging on-demand production and industrial capacity to fuel our business growth.”

Kornit Apollo signals a new horizon for onshore and nearshore production

In a groundbreaking demonstration alongside Impressions Expo Long Beach on January 19th, Kornit showcased Apollo in a live, on-demand production setting at a customer site, underscoring Kornit’s commitment to unleashing creativity and supporting businesses to drive new revenue streams – as well as opening new possibilities for efficiency, sustainability, and innovation. Apollo signals a new horizon for onshore and nearshore production, showing the future of fashion and textile decoration has arrived and is more transformative than ever.

 Lead times are shortened to days and even hours

Apollo is proving particularly valuable for retail, brands and screen printing segments. Retailers and brands benefit from the agility to react in real-time to new trends – while streamlining inventory requirements and costs. Screen printers shorten lead times to days and even hours with superior productivity, better total cost of ownership and sustainable production and eliminate waste while leveraging synergies across analogue and digital approaches. Retail customers and screen printers both tap into enhanced quality, repeatability, and vibrant colour capabilities to ensure reliable, repeatable production.

“Kornit Apollo is the most advanced and proven solution on the market allowing digital production to go mainstream – creating real business opportunities for brands, fulfillers, and retailers,” said Ronen Samuel, Chief Executive Officer at Kornit Digital. He reminded that first announced last year, Apollo came with the promise of transforming a legacy industry that was far too complex and slow and noted that with successful implementations at such high-profile customers, it is clear Apollo is delivering on its promise.

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