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Lotus Teknik Tekstil to produce for biodegradable wet wipes by ANDRITZ line

Technical TextilesLotus Teknik Tekstil to produce for biodegradable wet wipes by ANDRITZ line

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Türkiye-based Lotus Teknik Tekstil A.Ş. will produce nonwoven roll goods for biodegradable, plastic-free wet wipes with the neXline xetlace CP line that has been delivered, installed, and commissioned by international technology group ANDRITZ. The company supported the technology development intensively from the perspective of a roll goods producer and converter and thus, the nonwoven roll goods perfectly suit the converting lines for wipes.

Wetlaid and spunlace technologies advantages come together in neXline wetlace CP line

The state-of-the-art neXline wetlace CP line combines the benefits of two technologies: wetlaid and spunlace. Natural fibers are processed gently to create a high-performance and sustainable wipe. This next-generation wipe, called Newipe®, combines the benefits of spunlace fabric, in particular remarkable strength in all directions, with the biodegradability and softness of a WetlaceTM fabric. It is produced with a lower carbon footprint, has a low lint rate, and does not generate dust during production.

Lotus Teknik Tekstil to produce for biodegradable wet wipes by ANDRITZ line

“Lotus Teknik Tekstil is setting new benchmarks on the market with the neXline wetlace CP line”

Lotus Teknik Tekstil A.Ş. Co-owner and Managing Director Ceyhun Zincirkiran said that they aim to be a part of the sustainable transformation and that’s why they have developed the Newipe® next-generation viscose fabric. Zincirkiran disclosed that with the neXline wetlace CP line from ANDRITZ, they are setting new benchmarks on the market and securing their position as one of the industry leaders in wipes production.

Lotus Teknik Tekstil A.Ş., a member of a group company Sapro,  is among one of the leading nonwoven roll good producers. Sapro, one of the four leaders in the manufacturing of wet wipes in Europe, consists of 4 companies that operate end-to-end manufacturing including nonwovens, cardboard packings, plastics, and finished wet wipe products. The company produces, converts, and supplies 161 million sheets of wipes per day for personal, household, and industrial use, exporting 70% of its production to 65 countries all over the world.

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