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Marzoli Spinning Systems Shown at ITM 2018

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Marzoli Spinning Systems Shown at ITM 2018
Marzoli Spinning Systems Shown at ITM 2018Marzoli Spinning Systems Shown at ITM 2018

Marzoli Spinning Systems Shown at ITM 2018 – Between April 14th and April 17th the international textile community gathered at Tuyap Convention Center in Istanbul for ITM 2018. Marzoli, the European manufacturer of the full line of machines for spinning of short staple fibers, attended the event and during the 4 days of the show recorded an outstanding number of visitors from the domestic and the international market.

“The number of visits at this edition of the show has been incredible. The constant commitment of Marzoli towards each one of its clients and potential customers, the great work of our partners in promoting our presence at the show and the machines exhibited at our stand have underpinned this success”, Francesco Gozio, from Marzoli’s marketing department states.

Marzoli during the show exhibited the following machines; the card C701, the comber CM7, the spintester MST and its 2 software platforms; for the control and the optimization of the entire spinning line.

For the card C701 the show was the occasion to highlight its outstanding geometry. The carding area of 3.74 sqm, thanks to the diameter of the main cylinder of 1 meter; the carding angle of 284° and the working width of 1.5 meters, allows a better distribution of the fiber and a lower carding density. The 32 revolving flats in working position guarantee outstanding carding effectiveness and; their settings and carding gaps are held constant through the cast iron structure. All these highlights were readable on the graphics printed on the covers of the card displayed at the show.

The CM7 was showcased to let the visitors of Marzoli’s stand appreciate its speed and excellent quality outcomes made possible by; among other features, the state-of-the-art kinematics, the lighter nippers; the accelerated motion of the circular comb and the standing pendulum movement of the nippers.

Marzoli spinning compact system Mac 3000

The spintester MST, a state-of-the-art spinning machine with independent drives all controlled electronically to guarantee the highest flexibility standards; was exhibited with Marzoli spinning system – compact system, Mac3000. This revolutionary apron compact system with auto-cleaning effect of the holes of the apron has an independent suction system; with frequency controlled motor fan which allows to set the right compacting effect for a wider range of fiber types and yarn counts.

In the control room installed at the stand; visitors were invited to learn more about Marzoli’s software platforms: YarNet and MRM.

YarNet is the software designed by Marzoli to register and elaborate all production data and technological parameters of the machines in real time in one simple; intuitive and well-structured interface and; to allow the user to interact directly with each and every machine of the spinning plant; by downloading, editing and uploading any production recipe.

MRM is the IoT software that analyzes the symptomatic data gathered by processors and; sensors installed in critical parts of the machines to constantly monitor their efficiency. The client can access the software platform to see the information for predictive maintenance of the machines and the overall efficiency of the plant. Optimization tools are available to help the user identify possible opportunities to boost energy savings and efficiency rates.

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