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Thursday, March 30, 2023

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Mayer & Cie. to support its customers with ‘Knitlink’

KnittingMayer & Cie. to support its customers with ‘Knitlink’

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Mayer & Cie., one of the world’s leading circular knitting machinery manufacturers represented by Mayer Mümessillik in Türkiye, will strengthen its support to its customers with its new application ‘Knitlink’ for digital tracking of production processes in the upcoming period. We talked to Mayer Mümessillik Sales Specialist Kerem Öğretmen about the evaluations of the company, which realised sales above expectations in the Turkish market in 2022, and its expectations for 2023.

Öğretmen said that the first half of 2022 was quite active in terms of sales and orders, and stated that the decline that started after June ended only at the beginning of December. Noting that there is activity again at the moment, Öğretmen disclosed: “The increase in raw material prices and the deterioration of the supply chains of electronic components, in particular, put machine manufacturers in trouble. In addition, as a result of the increasing inflation all over the world, the purchasing power of the end-user has decreased and the demand for our customers’ products has shrunk.”

Öğretmen pointed out that external financing is a very important component in the purchase of machinery in the Turkish market, saying: “As a result of the instability in the economy, the loan interest rates given by financial leasing companies increased dramatically, and our customers, whose demand for their products was already shrinking, had another reason to postpone their investments. Despite this, we are pleased to have completed sales above our targets.” Öğretmen stated that as in every election period, investors will rightly want to wait for the outcome of the election and take a position accordingly, and added that for this reason, they foresee lower sales in 2023 compared to the previous year. Öğretmen also expressed the hope that the Ukraine-Russia war will end in the new year and therefore the world will enter a general relaxation and investments will increase again.

Mayer Mümessillik Sales Specialist Kerem Öğretmen

Kerem Öğretmen emphasised that production monitoring systems are among the prioritised demands of the last period and disclosed: “Company owners want to see how many hours their machines work, the reasons and frequency of downtime, and operating speeds in order to take a more analytical approach in the field of operational efficiency and intervene in interruptions.” Relaying that as Mayer & Cie, the ‘Knitlink’ digital platform will be at the service of its customers in the upcoming period in response to this need, Öğretmen stated that even with a mobile phone application, instant monitoring can be provided on the specified issues.

Öğretmen also talked about Mayer & Cie.’s solutions to reduce carbon footprint and stated that Senso Blue RS (Recycling System), the company’s own oiler recycling system, consumes 30% less oil than the conventional system. Öğretmen explained that when the oil used in the system returns back to the main device, it passes through a filter and becomes reusable, and said that it is compatible with all of their machines. He also mentioned that the standards that apply to all Mayer & Cie. machines, disclosing: “In addition, the perunal steel structure used in space shuttles is used in the steel rings of our machines and it reduces heating. This allows lower temperatures to be maintained and the amount of oil required to be reduced compared to an equivalent machine operating at the same speed.”

Mayer & Cie. to support its customers with ‘Knitlink’

“Fine fein knitting is in demand”

Kerem Öğretmen stated that the sector, turning to polyester as a result of the increase in cotton prices, continues to grow in the interlock fabric market and that fine fein knitting, which they foresee to rise in recent years, has started to be asked a lot more especially in the second half of this year. Öğretmen continued: “32 fein, considered as an introduction to fine fein, which can be preferred in areas such as sportswear and underwear, was among the finenesses frequently demanded from us. In the coming period, we will be hearing about the fineness of fein such as 36, and 40 more often. As Mayer & Cie, since we generally use the same knitting steel structure in the 28-40 fein range, our customers who already have a machine will be able to knit fine fein on their existing machines with less expense.”

In addition, mentioning the importance of the ITMA to be held in Milan in 2023, Öğretmen said: “ITMA exhibitions are important to refresh the self-confidence of the people who have devoted themselves to this sector and have made their investments in favour of this sector and to reassure themselves. Tens of thousands of people gathering on a single topic and hundreds of companies organising their own shows is exciting for the fans of this business.” Öğretmen added that in addition to circular knitting, Mayer & Cie will be exhibiting a braiding machine for the first time at ITMA this year.

Öğretmen reminded that the global textile sector is a very large sector that provides intensive employment, saying: “The textile is a big sea, so to speak, where anyone who loves and does quality work can be successful, and we wish everyone to be successful and happy in this sea.”

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