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MS Printing Solutions to once again change the standards in the market

PrintingMS Printing Solutions to once again change the standards in the market

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MS Printing Solutions, starting its journey as an inventor at the very beginning of the digital market, now preparing to introduce its latest solution as an innovator at ITMA 2023. The company’s latest project, a machine capable of combining the best qualities of a single pass and speed productivity, unlimited printing runs, with the best features of a scanning machine – compactness and high printing quality. This new-generation single pass machine up to ten times smaller can boast the same performances of a single pass while taking up the same space of a scanning. In this way, there are the same excellent results but fewer resources are needed in terms of money, consumptions, stock and people.

MS Printing Solutions to once again change the standards in the market

MS Printing Solutions continues to inspire the industry with its innovations

At the beginning of the 2000s when very few companies were taking their first steps into this new field, the company decided to only design digital printing machines and after various trials and errors, in 2011, launched its invention LaRio. The first ever single pass, a machine that revolutionized the digital printers’ market and the way everyone used to think about printing. LaRio’s single pass technology succeeded in combining the advantages of both traditional printing and digital printing. That has been made possible because the invention united the printing speed of traditional printing and the many benefits of digital printing, such as the decreased number of steps in the printing process, the lowering of water, energy and gas consumption, that in turn translates into costs saving and a lower environmental impact. Last but not least, another huge advantage of single pass technology has been the reduction of the time to market, essential for today’s everchanging needs. This invention also gave inspiration to many others by the technological progress behind it.

Since everyone in the industry always strives to bring improvements to the whole market, MS Printing Solutions continue its developments also as an innovator. The company invite visitors to see “the greatest and most innovative stage of the industry” at ITMA 2023 in Hall 7, Stand D206.

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